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First All-In-One Hoodie With Attachable Mask and Gloves

Long-time sports industry entrepreneurs launch the Rhoodie

Published on May 21, 2020

“This isn’t about making a stance on wearing masks or not wearing masks. I simply believe in creating. At MLXT, we wanted a remedy. I’ve always wanted a hoodie that was light enough to wear in the summer. I’ve wanted gloves that actually train for my ability to feel the ball’s rotation in my hands while dribbling. And if I have to wear a mask for any reason, at any time, I don’t want it attached to my ears and pressed uncomfortably tight to my face. If our normal ends up changing, if I’m ever required, or if it ever becomes a safety concern, I simply want a solution. And the remedy is the Rhoodie. The first Hoodie with social distancing concepts built-in, so I never have to stop training and neither do you,” says Micah Lancaster, the world-renowned NBA basketball skills training innovator.

As a long-time entrepreneur and sports marketer, Iwan Postel, a member of MLXT, puts a high value on three things: innovation, problem-solving and above all, making common sense more common. As COVID-19 grew into a full-fledged global pandemic, MLXT started envisioning creative new ways to make social distancing more effective. The result? The Rhoodie. The first all-in-one hoodie that comes with attachable sleeves, masks, and gloves – storable in the garment’s zippable pockets. Rhoodies come in lightweight fabrics for men, women, and kids – even toddlers. With a mask not wrapping around the user’s ears, Rhoodie is ultra-comfortable and simple to use.

Rhoodie provides a fashionable, convenient, comfortable, and practical remedy for optimized social distancing – especially for travelers, those in crowded areas. The mask is what really sets this apart though because it attaches directly to the hood compared to the discomfort of masks that fasten around your ears.

“Our product likewise was well received by parents of toddlers who often tug at masks that wrap around their ears or head. Would I end up failing to protect myself effectively, the least I can do is make sure to protect others and Rhoodie will be doing exactly that because, let’s face it, it just makes good sense,” – Postel added.

First deliveries are scheduled for June. A Kickstarter launched this week to provide early supporters a chance to get involved with the product rollout. You can visit and back the campaign at

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