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Finance Leaders Report Technology Skills Most Difficult To Find When Hiring

86% of CFOs Say Business Analytics Skills Mandatory for at Least Some Accounting and Finance Positions

Published on August 22, 2019

As digital transformation reshapes businesses, organizations seek technological proficiency across a range of financial roles. Companies, however, struggle to find professionals with this expertise, new research from staffing firm Robert Half Finance & Accounting shows. In the survey, CFOs reported that technology experience and aptitude are the most difficult to find in accounting and finance job candidates.

One area of expertise in high demand is business analytics; 37% of CFOs said these skills are mandatory for all accounting and finance positions, and another 49% reported they are mandatory for some roles. The survey findings also suggest employers are taking steps to address the need: 91% of respondents’ firms provide related professional development opportunities.

In separate research for Robert Half’s Jobs and AI Anxiety report, finance managers cited big data and advanced analytics among the top three currently used technologies, following cloud-based systems and mobile applications. In addition to the 42% of finance and accounting functions currently using analytical tools, such as predictive analytics, another 27% expect to use them within the next three years.

View an infographic with survey results on technological expertise in finance.

“The volume of information and available analytics tools are resulting in new insights and better processes for organizations,” said Steve Saah, executive director of Robert Half Finance & Accounting. “With access to new data and technologies, teams are able to spend less time on manual tasks and focus on higher-value work.”

Saah added, “Neither the demand for technology skills nor the lack of them available is going away soon. By providing professional development on new and emerging tools, companies can upskill their existing teams and make themselves more attractive employers.”

SOURCE Robert Half Finance & Accounting
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