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Faisal Notes Overwhelmed the Arabic World With His Wall Street News Site

Faisal Notes, a young entrepreneur, has created a sensation among the Arab investors giving them something that they desired for quite some time. He is the man behind Wall Street Finance, a news website delivering Wall Street financial news in Arabic

Published on December 24, 2020

Investors in the English-speaking world are blessed. They can get Wall Street news from Bloomberg, CNBC, and others. But the Arabic world is not that fortunate. It is why the entrepreneur and investor Faisal Notes has created Wall Street Finance to fulfill the long-standing needs of the Arabic-speaking investors.

Although within his thirties, Faisal Notes created a big wave in the Arabic financial community. He became a popular figure for his creation of financial news in Arabic. Until now, there was no such thing, and Faisal has done what the Arabic investors have been desperately looking for all these years.

Hailing from an Arabic background with its root in Kuwait, Faisal understood the needs of the Arab investors. While they have the finance, business acumen, and all other qualities for entrepreneurship, they were deprived of what was happening in the Wall Street financial world just because of their lack of command over English.

This prompted him to create Wall Street Finance that happens to be the pioneer and leading Wall Street news site in Arabic.

The advent of technology has changed the business scenario globally. Now every bit of information, even the political news, is interlinked with running business, investments, and holding securities. And any change has a great impact on decision making and can make a huge difference.

With his knowledgeable team members’ help, Faisal Notes translate the original English news relating to all Wall Street matters into the Arabic language. Those were then transformed content-wise with visual effects. It entails healthy doses of news on different social media platforms and apps, making it most engaging and reaching diverse segments of investors.

Now the Arabic investors have easy access to what is happening on Wall Street. As the site covers news from multiple areas and delivers that into Arabic, the investors know what will affect their business interests and act fast.

The site resonates with investors and enjoys monumental success as the Arabic investors are getting fast and accurate news 24/7. More extensive coverage is expected with Faisal Notes at the helm of the site.

Visit for more information. He is also available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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