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Face of Jules on Why Beautiful Skin Starts From Within

Published on January 03, 2022

When you have a bad hair day, you wear a hat. And if you put on a few extra pounds, you can disguise it with clothing. But when it comes to bad skin, there’s no hiding it—even with makeup. With skin problems, despite how negatively they can impact one’s life the first reaction is to treat it with face washes, lotions, and other topicals. But what one up-and-coming holistic skincare clinic is doing is examining a person’s whole-body health when assessing how to treat. Would you ever consider how your diet or perhaps lifestyle decisions can affect your skin?

Hollywood skincare clinic Face of Jules is one of the first of its kind to treat based reactively, but also proactively to help clients improve their skin entirely, not just temporarily. Founded in 2017 by skincare enthusiast Jules, Face of Jules comes after years in the making. When Jules found herself up against outrageous hormonal cystic acne, her first thought was not to find a drug or cream that would soothe it, but to examine her overall health in order to address the issue.

Now known for specializing in holistic skincare, Jules’ approach begins with examining the skin, lifestyle, diet, and overall health before she advises. While the clinic is popular for treatments like red-vein capillary removal, PRP micro-needling that is performed by an in-clinic nurse, and dermaplaning and chemical peels, what sets Face of Jules apart from others is in how they advise and suggest supplements and skincare routines that contribute to a client’s whole health—not just their complexion.

While western medicine has trained Americans to approach their health reactively, Jules proposes ways to help avoid skin outbreaks and issues by advising supplement plans and other treatments that are designed to help a client proactively maintain healthy skin. As she continues to preach that “beautiful skin starts from within,” Jules’ clients’ improved skin conditions are a testament to the impacts of maintaining their health and supplements. Some of her favorite products and supplements that she recommends, depending on the client, are Vitamin C, Evening Primrose Oil, and Probiotics. With an extensive background and knowledge of how vitamins and supplements have the power to transform one’s health and complexion, Jules enlists their use in a number of clients’ treatment plans.

With holistic solutions and treatments at the root of all of her services, Jules continues to strive to provide an alternative solution to drugs and traditional western medicine. With social media and the Internet continuing to help people discover more about holistic health, Face of Jules is proud to offer holistic solutions that start from within. To learn more about Face of Jules or to book an appointment, visit their website or follow them on Instagram for updates.

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