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Experience a Sophisticated Lodge Lifestyle in the Woods – Experience the Magic of Indian Brook Lodge

Published on August 11, 2021

The newly renovated Indian Brook Lodge is now ready for visitors. It is truly, a one-of-a-kind property for those looking for peace, tranquility and beauty in both a lake and forest setting.  As you drive through the woods, Indian Brook Lodge is totally unexpected and unique.  Upon entering the clearing, you know this is no ordinary place from the cozy tepee and hammock in front of the house, the view of spectacular Lake George, to the roar of Indian Brook in the background. The one word that comes to mind is “magical.”

As soon as you walk into this spectacular house, you know right away this is a place you want to stay for a long time, make memories in, and would want for your own dream home, but at a minimum, for a special vacation. The house is designed with an open floor plan to take advantage of all of the outside beauty the surroundings have to offer. When you open the doors and step onto the beautifully appointed upper deck (there are two full decks running along the length of the house), you are transported to a forest haven with the view and sound of Indian Brook to your right, the forest all around you, and pristine Lake George to your left.

From the large great room with a spectacular lake view, to the beautifully appointed 5 guest rooms sleeping 18 guests, this is a house that grabs you and makes you want to stay and never leave. The attention to detail is also second to none with engravings of Lake George scattered about such as in the master bath with a lake view, the furnishings which truly evoke an “Indian Brook Lodge” feel, but only in the most sophisticated, best way possible, to the other unexpected gems waiting to be discovered along the way. As you go through each room, you find a new treasure or picture or view that makes this house one-of-a-kind and sets it apart. It feels more like an experience than just a rental house.

Other amenities include a hot tub, outdoor fire pit, a large ground floor family room/playroom with its own Tomahawk Bar, lake access, and a trail to the stunning Indian Brook, which is more than just a mere “brook.”

The house immerses you in beauty and nature both inside and out. It is a truly unique, special and mesmerizing property.

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