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Allo Allo – Expected Growth Statistics for Global Refurbished Phones Market

Published on November 25, 2020

In 2013, the concept of refurbished phones was introduced to the technology world, but no one could imagine the potential of this trend. In the last seven years, the refurbished mobile market is experiencing significant growth, except for a one-time decline of 1% in the past years. In 2016, right after three years of the basic introduction, refurbished smartphones were generating $17 billion in the global market.

The worth of the global refurbished market was recorded to be $19 billion by the end of 2017. The insights and statistics indicate that market worth is expected to grow at a rate of 10% annually. The actual figures may vary as recent economic uncertainty has changed the buying behaviors of the customers.

Allo Allo Marketplace Skyrocketed

Buying a refurbished iPhone is a tricky shot, so experts always suggest choosing a trusted store for the purchase. The recent growth in the demand for the refurbished iPhones is also linked to the quality devices offered by Allo Allo to the global market, especially to the European and American markets.

Allo Allo is one of the largest marketplaces for refurbished iPhones, operated by Icon Globe Trade. For the markets outside China, Icon Globe Trade started offering quality iPhones at the most affordable costs after the company recommended repairs.

Apple’s Initiative for Certified Refurbished iPhones

The technology world has always faced challenges and limitations when it comes to green initiatives. Growing production figures also pose threats to the environment, so Apple is backing marketplaces like Allo Allo to promote the latest tech at discounted prices. This was a big achievement for the 3rd party refurbished iPhone sellers as more and more customers started trusting the quality and reliability of the refurbished devices. Collaborating with certified refurbished iPhone sellers will ensure that you are getting the gadgets as good as the new ones but at an affordable price.

Emerging Market for Pre-owned iPhones

Customers want optimum value for their investment, and pre-owned devices are quality-tested and come with a limited-time warranty if you buy from a trusted store or marketplace. Sellers strictly follow the guidelines to neutralize the issues that might have occurred during the delivery process from the factory. With decent after-sale support and warranty, customers can get the latest devices at the most reasonable rates. For the promotion of the trend, most of the markets special offer and discounts for refurbished devices, so such incentives make this market more attractive.

Overcoming the Lack of Customer Trust for Market Growth

North America and Western Europe are the biggest players in the refurbished iPhone market. Icon Globe Trade has expanded business operations to different countries and regions to build a strong market with qualified and trusted sellers. To overcome with negative impacts on market growth, strict SOPs must be followed by all sellers and manufacturers.

The global market for refurbished iPhones is expected to grow at an exceptional rate due to current situations in the Asia Pacific, European and American markets. Being tech-savvy, if you want to experience the trend, make sure to partner with a trusted refurbished iPhone marketplace.

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