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EU Design Participated in the Sustainability Panel at London Fashion Week

A comprehensive strategy for sustainable development and economic growth

Published on October 21, 2019

Sustainability has become an aspiration and a guiding principle for most of today’s corporations, and while initially viewed as laggards, fashion brands are rapidly catching up, with the “business as usual” mentality steadily replaced by a focus on eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable operations. One of the top industry events on the planet, London Fashion Week, incorporated a series of discussions on the topic during its September 13-17, 2019 run. Among the participants in the sustainability panel was EU Design, a leading supplier to the North American apparel industry and a company well-known for its dedication to environmentally friendly sourcing and green production practices.

The discussion forum took place on September 16 – 17, and was organized by PAUSE with the support of Fashion for Development (F4D), whose aim is to promote supply chain transparency, responsible production and consumption, solution-based technologies, and the latest industry innovations. The agenda featured an Ecuadorian Embassy representative as an inspirational keynote speaker, the subject of the address being the development of a comprehensive strategy for sustainable development and economic growth. EU Design has close ties to Ecuador, which is its source of innovative material for buttons – corozo (tagua), often called “vegetable ivory,” comes from the seeds of certain palm trees. This 100% natural product, whose consistency resembles that of a hard resin, has excellent durability and scratch resistance and easily lends itself to dyeing.

The panel discussions focused on topics such as defining supply chain transparency, solutions for building a sustainable brand, policies for responsible consumption and production, supply chain innovations, and the use of social media to communicate and promote sustainable practices. EU Design is uniquely positioned to contribute to the panel that addressed the latest developments in trim and packaging, with a number of top suppliers expected to share insights into the matter. When London Fashion Week concluded, the company announced that it will accelerate its preparations for another high-profile industry event – the Premier Vision Conference in New York City, which is scheduled to take place on January 21 and 22, 2020. Gathering industry professionals from North America, it will cover all aspects of the fashion industry, from manufacturing to accessories. EU Design will use the opportunity to showcase new products, placing an emphasis on sustainability and green merchandise.

Established in 1999, EU Design has become one of the leading suppliers to the North American apparel industry, producing and distributing buttons, packaging, fashion trims, and custom jewelry. A strong proponent of sustainability, the company maintains R&D centers in Mozzo, Italy and Hong Kong to stay ahead of trends and differentiate its offerings. With factories in Italy, India, and China, it has access to a variety of high-quality materials and utilizes local expertise and practices to deliver products that prioritize environmental consciousness without compromising on beauty and innovation. EU Design’s owner, Roberto Berardi, has nurtured a corporate culture that combines a modern approach to manufacturing processes with a dedication to community support and enterprise values such as accountability, loyalty, proactivity, and workplace safety.

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