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Eric Leopardi Disrupting Travel TV With Ron Dixon’s 2 THE MAXX

Eric Leopardi is changing travel television by producing one of the first travel TV shows since the pandemic started and teaming up with one of few Black travel television hosts in history—NFL record-holder Ron Dixon

Published on February 26, 2021

Even if you haven’t heard of Eric Leopardi, you have likely heard him. His voice has offered us free coffee and taken us on Lexus adventures, all from the comfort of our homes. He is a Voice Actor, producer, marketing consultant, and serial entrepreneur.

At the age of six, Eric became a child voice actor, clawing his way through the ranks until signing with the ultra-exclusive William Morris Endeavor (WME). He has been an on-screen and voice Actor for television and radio campaigns for over two decades. Now, Leopardi is stepping out from behind the mic and teaming up with NFL record-holder Ron Dixon to kickstart travel TV with NBCSN’s “2 The Maxx”.

You may remember Dixon from his Super Bowl XXXV 97-yard kick-off return that brought the NY Giants their only score the entire game. They lost the game to the Baltimore Ravens 34 to 7, but Dixon etched his name in NFL history with the most kickoff returns for a touchdown in NFL post season history. After sustaining an injury to his PCL, Dixon never stepped back on the field to play a professional game again.

This Fall on NBC Sports, Dixon breaks boundaries as one of very few Black hosts in the travel TV industry. From Executive Producer Eric Leopardi and 7-time Emmy-winning Director of Photography Chad Zellmer, 2 THE MAXX will feature Dixon and a celebrity guest athlete going on extreme adventures around the world as they chase the rush they miss most from pro sports. The twist? Dixon’s guest won’t know what extreme adventure awaits them until they arrive. Let’s hope they’ve consulted their life insurance lawyer first.

When asked how he felt about the future of travel TV in the post-COVID world, Leopardi’s response was, “We’re only getting started – 2 THE MAXX is only the beginning of all the great things to come. Sports, travel, adventure – bringing the industry back to where it should be and sharing that with the world—I think Ron and I can be a big part of that, and we’re both really excited.”

Leopardi is also a former athlete himself. He played center for the Palm Beach State Panther Hockey team, also serving as the team’s president. He also played Fullback for the Goldenwest College Rustlers alongside future Rose Bowl standout and New England Patriot Lavasier Tuinei before enjoying a brief career as a professional boxer.

2 THE MAXX is scheduled to air this Fall on NBC Sports Network and is expected to showcase a star-studded cast paired with eye-popping adventures.

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