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Entrepreneur and Investor Haseeb Azizi Was Long on Bitcoin and Is Now Long on Social Media

Published on December 08, 2020

Haseeb Azizi struck it rich by investing in Bitcoin before it skyrocketed to the heights it enjoys today. He ventured into the world of cryptocurrency because he saw the tremendous impact it could have on transforming the financial industry. Now, he sees social media as something else that is similarly transformative as cryptocurrency has been.

While he previously saw the future as being Bitcoin, he now has updated that vision to see social media and eCommerce as the future. While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will still play a major role, they will be used as supporting elements of social media and eCommerce.

It was natural for Haseeb to shift into the world of social media due to his ability to develop networks among other social media influencers. He has been able to assert himself as someone who can be trusted as a middleman who connects and facilitates collaboration among entrepreneurs and influencers within the world of social media.
Haseeb is now dedicating most of his time and expertise in the world of social media management and marketing. He is currently the Chief Information Officer for Ascend Agency, helping businesses grow their audiences on social media. Haseeb has achieved enormous success at an early age. As a young 24-year-old entrepreneur, he had figured out how to perfect the craft of monetizing the networks he had.

Today, Haseeb has one foot in social media management and another in eCommerce. He sees a natural synergy between the two. An eCommerce business is like any other business, except it’s completely virtual instead of having a physical location. That means people need to know that eCommerce store exists. The way to reach billions of people today is by advertising on social media platforms.

Haseeb has co-founded an eCommerce company called Envy Apparel. Thanks to his understanding of social media marketing, as well as eCommerce, he has been able to lead the brand to new heights of success. Combining social media with eCommerce has positioned his brand in a way where it enjoys more leads and sales than it used to.

This young entrepreneur used to be a software engineer who always had the intuitive guidance to get into a golden opportunity with Bitcoin, and now sees a similar opportunity with social media. With a little bit of strategic development, social media management can deliver extraordinary results for businesses and brands who are looking to land more sales.

The world is more connected today than ever before. Social media is by its very nature based on people connecting with one another. As someone who has decided to be a middleman between businesses and influencers, Haseeb found a way to succeed in a completely new landscape compared with what he was focused on before.

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