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Emmy-Winning Pili Montilla © Jeff Black

Emmy-Winning Pili Montilla Prescribes Effective Remedy for Coronavirus Pandemic Blues

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Published on November 23, 2020

Fun For Life Radio is the newest station on Dash Radio, streaming an eclectic mix of captivating talk and discover-worthy tunes. “The station was created by Fun For Life Entertainment Group to not only enable the company’s constellation of artists and influencers to more fully connect with their audiences, but also to provide comfort and intellectual enrichment to stressed-out homebound listeners,” shares FFLR’s Emmy award-winning TV Host & producer Pili Montilla, who also hosts Truth and Tunes with Pili Montilla on the station. The timing couldn’t be better, as media consumption has risen due to the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, and working from home means more time for people to engage with entertainment and particularly radio according to Nielsen Music. There has also been a significant boost in radio listening due to a surge in smart speaker usage.

“We’ve created a winning formula with our blend of thought-provoking talk and great music, curated by warm personalities so listeners can lean back, learn and hopefully relax, all without commercials,” says Montilla. Other current shows include Relationship Renegades with actress Rachele Brooke Smith and health expert Emilio Palafox, Hollywood Uncensored with film critic/podcaster Dana Buckler, and The Saint James Band Hour with George Castrinos and Jake Marcus Wand. “Whether you want to work on your love life, get to really know your favorite artists or just listen to an awesome mix of new and classic tunes – we’ve got you covered!” Montilla adds.

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