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© A scene from the "RIOT" documentary by Kevin McLaughlin, narrated by Andre Braugher

Emmy Award Winning Actor Andre Braugher Narrates Impactful RIOT Documentary

Filmmaker Kevin McLaughlin details the 1967 Newark Riots whose impact is felt in these modern #BlackLIvesMatter times, executive produced by Rainmaker Entertainment

Published on June 09, 2020

Filmmaker Kevin McLaughlin understands the power of film. And in his impactful and timely documentary, “Riot,” McLaughlin explores the causes and long-term effects of the 5 days of rioting in Newark, New Jersey in 1967 that left 26 people dead and destroyed a large portion of the city.

A five-year labor of love for Newark native McLaughlin, “Riot” is the most unbiased look at racial conflict to come along in many years. With narration by Emmy-winner Andre Braugher, the film features interviews with every mayor elected in Newark since 1967, including current US Senator Cory Booker. Dozens of other witnesses, first-responders, historians, and community activists are also included.

And to that end, McLaughlin has included all-new footage to his highly regarded film to reflect the current volatile times — and features exclusive footage about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other civil unrest across the country. In so doing, McLaughlin hopes that his film will open a larger discussion and be a watershed moment in both the film industry and the world.

“I can’t think of any film more fitting for what’s going on in the world today,” said Jerry Nardella of Rainmaker Management, the executive producers of the film. “The similarities between 1967 and today are both amazing and very sad.”

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