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Ely Boaz: Pulling the Strings of American Celebrities’ Social Media!

Published on March 15, 2021

Have you ever found yourself lost or in awe of the social media game of big stars and celebrities? We bet you have. These stars make it look like the best. However, have you ever wondered that these celebrities take their social media game up themselves, or is there someone helping them out? Let us tell you it is the latter working. These social media and marketing magnates behind these big stars are the masterminds behind their social media success. One of such social media and advertising guru is Ely Boaz.

Ely Boaz, who is just 25 and hails from Qiryat Ono, Israel, is the topmost social media advisor and strategist. With his deep instilled passion for social media marketing, he has taken the American social media industry by storm. With his social media and advertising agency “Social Giveaways” based in the US, Ely Boaz works behind many renowned American stars. Social Giveaways has spread its roots deep in social media and advertising within a short period. Ely Boaz comes up with the right on-point social media strategies. He is continuously monitoring varying social media trends and statistics. Ely Boaz primarily works magic in the domain of Instagram.

Ely Boaz has a star-studded clientele in America. Among his clientele are primarily rappers. These rappers require round-the-clock and full-on support on social media. These stars rely on and leave their precious Instagram handles to Ely Boaz, and then it is his task to skyrocket them. These stars include Lil Pump, Sommer Ray, Francesca Farago, Yung Miami, Mullato, Tyga, and many more. The strategies of Ely Boaz make the followers of these celebs engage more productively. Ely Boaz’s agency Social Giveaways is not even a year old, and he is bagging powerhouse rappers as clients in a go. Well, that is how passionate entrepreneurs do it.

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