Elton John Auctions Iconic Wardrobe on eBay in Support of Elton John AIDS Foundation

"Rocket Man Resale" offers hundreds of pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories from Elton and friends to eBay shoppers around the world

Published on June 28, 2024

This Pride Month, Elton John is bringing his legendary wardrobe to eBay to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, giving collectors and fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of fashion history. “Rocket Man Resale” features hundreds of items from Elton’s closet, including bespoke Gucci jackets, Versace robes, customized Prada loafers, and affordable items such as historic concert T-shirts and baseball caps.

“Giving new life to the cherished items from my wardrobe has always been special to me. For decades I’ve donated my closet’s treasures to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation,” said Elton John. “This Pride Month, I’m excited to share my Atlanta treasure trove on eBay, hoping these items will inspire you to express your unique spirit and bring you as much joy as they’ve brought me. Whether you’re after high-end luxury or something more laid-back, there’s a perfect find for everyone. Even better, every dollar goes to supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s work to end LGBTQ+ stigma.”

For nearly three decades, eBay has championed the circular economy, serving as a top destination for enthusiasts to unearth in-demand and hard-to-find pre-loved apparel and luxury items. Rocket Man Resale brings storied fashion, luxury and collectibles out of the closet and onto eBay, giving the marketplace’s 132 million active buyers in more than 190 markets worldwide the chance to channel Elton John’s enviable style.

“Elton John’s wardrobe is decades in the making – to own something worn by him is to own a piece of music and fashion history,” said Charis Marquez, VP of Fashion at eBay. “Having a cultural icon selling his pre-loved fashion on eBay in support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation is a real indicator of our ability to offer incredible access to luxury items that you just can’t find anywhere else.”

“eBay’s reach presents an unparalleled opportunity to share the Foundation’s inclusive message with millions worldwide who share a passion for Elton and his legendary style,” said Anne Aslett, CEO of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. “We are happy to partner with eBay to promote a more sustainable future and to see Elton’s fabulous items enjoyed by donors. By participating in this auction, you will help support our programs to end the stigma and discrimination that prevent so many from accessing lifesaving HIV care – an important message not just for Pride Month, but every day of the year.”

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