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Elias Strategos Continues His Epic Reign on the Hip Hop Scene With EP Rufio

On "Rufio", as always, Strategos exits the ring victorious

Published on October 12, 2020

Rufio is the long-awaited follow-up to Strategos’s last project, Righteous Imperfection, a hard-hitting collection of explosive rap tracks relaying the struggle of street life, the reward of the daily grind, and the vibrancy of spiritual salvation. Now, the rap virtuoso is back with an EP that’s even more explosive than his last. If there’s one thing Strategos has proved, it’s that he is a force to be reckoned with. Clever wordplay, electric vibes, and a “don’t f*** with me” attitude pack this EP front to back.

The opening track, “Adios” is an untamed banger, featuring a booming bassline alongside Strategos’s signature flow; a killer combo sure to take every club in the country by storm. Track two, “Humble Man”, establishes Strategos as just that: a man humbled by his power but not afraid to step up and fight for what he believes in. Cleverly bookended with the spoken-word banter of awe-struck boxing commentators, the track lays down the line: anyone who steps into the ring with this guy is sure to face a beatdown as ferocious and tenacious as his rapping style. Rufio’s third track, “Wait” is a morose personal exploration into Strategos’s trials and tribulations as a man and as a musician. A recurring female vocal hook adds color and sincerity to the song, juxtaposed by Strategos’ harsh flow. Rufio ends on a high note with “Douglasville”, a moody and powerful track with honest, pained lyrics written for those who can relate to the daily struggle of the streets.

On top of the lyrical prowess and expert flow showcased by Strategos, the EP is elevated to a new level of expertise by its immaculate, top-notch production. Killer beats and infectious rhythms compliment Strategos’s spitfire verses with a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping energy. Time and time again, with each new release, Strategos proves to be an unstoppable force, an immovable object. On Rufio, as always, Strategos exits the ring victorious.

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