EELink Cargo Trackers Help Manage Supply Chain Success

Published on May 04, 2022

No matter what type of products your company ships, supply chain issues necessitate cargo trackers in order to both protect your goods and satisfy customer expectations. You need to know exactly where your shipments are at any time. Location is not the only thing that matters, however. Today’s IoT shipment trackers provide a lot more information that helps you perfect the level of service you provide from end to end.

Cargo Trackers Essential in the New World’s Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant economic changes around the world have interrupted supply chains of all types. This includes air, sea, and land transportation methods. Issues with employment levels and hours of operation have also affected warehouse and logistics company operations. Although things have stabilized in some sectors, the effect reverberates still. An increase in global piracy has also affected the ability of getting goods from one place to another.

Nevertheless, companies still need to ship their products both in-country and around the world. Loss of merchandise equals loss of profit, which is one thing that no company wants. While there are some things that you cannot control, shipment tracking devices give you a measure of surety when it comes to the factors you can. Most of all, they give you up-to-date information about what happens to your products every step of the way.

Does this really make a difference in today’s supply chain? Yes. When you know exactly where your shipment is through the wonder of GPS technology, you can plan related in-house activities better. These include sorting, handling, and packaging for end-mile delivery, marketing efforts, and the entire realm of customer service. You need to know when the buyer will get their product in order to give them accurate and trustworthy information that keeps them satisfied.

EELink manufactures these shipment tracking devices using top-of-the-line technology and connectivity. We understand how important getting accurate and up-to-date data is. Therefore, we offer both flexible NB-IoT and LTE-M and stable Bluetooth network options and always keep an eye on new advancements so we can update our devices as needed. Although our collection of trackers provides an extensive range of options specific to the product and shipment container types, our tech experts can also design and build customized solutions for your specific needs. As a long-time manufacturer, we understand how important it is to get the data you need when you want it and when it is of the best use to your company and customers.

Advanced Shipment Trackers Manage More than Location

Different types of products need different levels of oversight. While some cargo trackers simply use GPS beacons to let you know the location, others deliver different types of data. The most common types include temperature and humidity. Other options tell you information about elevation, shocks and drops, and movement over time. Why do these things matter when it comes to managing your sales-related supply chain process?

If your company produces or ships any food or beverage products, you need to know the precise temperatures and humidity during the entire handling and shipping process. You cannot sell these items if they were stored incorrectly or in an unsafe manner. While you do everything possible to choose one or more logistics companies to ensure safety, things can still go wrong. A short electrical outage can wreak havoc on an entire shipment.

These metrics also matter for textiles, clothing, chemicals, electronics, and more. Most importantly, you need to have this data to make smart decisions about the product’s viability and whether you will continue to use your chosen logistics and shipping companies for future tasks.

Tracking data like movement, shocks, or drops also affects your ability to sell the items once they arrive at your final warehouse or packaging facility destination. So many different types of merchandise depend on careful handling. Not only do tracking devices give you the information you need for your company’s success, but they also help you determine who was at fault for any damage. Depending on your contract terms and import/export documentation, this data could help you recover compensation or file for insurance coverage in the case of damage or destruction of a single item or an entire shipping container’s contents.

IoT Cargo Trackers Benefit End-Users and Consumers

Ultimately, the end-user of any product matters more than any step in the entire logistics and shipping chain. These are the people or organizations who pay for quality merchandise, equipment, or parts. No matter what you manufacture or ship, every decision you make must focus on getting those items to the person who pays for them. This requires speed, efficiency, keeping costs down, and providing end-to-end updates. These are the ingredients for ultimate satisfaction, which leads to an ongoing influx of revenue, profits, and an increase in brand reputation. IoT cargo trackers help with every part of this process.

The ability to notify the intended recipient of a delayed or lost shipment is essential no matter what you sell. Gathering information about travel routes, open-door events along the way, and delays can help you minimize these time wasters in the future. In today’s volatile supply chain situation, efficiency may depend more on your ability to remain agile with transportation choices rather than sticking with a tried-and-true method. Everyone wants frequent updates these days, and connected cargo trackers provide them in an incredibly effective and affordable way.

Getting the needed information about your packages and shipments matters greatly to your bottom line. This data affects everything from your logistic company contracts to product availability to insurance coverage to customer satisfaction after the final sale. You need reliable, accurate, and accessible data. That is what the entire collection of EELink cargo trackers provides. While GPS tracking has been an important part of air, sea, and land shipment for years, today’s IoT devices give even more beneficial information. Receive and share real-time updates and improve efficiency and profitability for every shipment no matter what products you sell. For more information about our shipment tracking products or how we can help with up-to-date logistics tech, contact EELink today.

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