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Eden Marketing Group Offers Marketing Services to Struggling Community Businesses Amid COVID

Published on July 28, 2021

Eden Marketing Group celebrates its 1st Anniversary servicing the Fort Lauderdale/ Miami area. Amid the middle of the worst pandemic in history Owner Operator, LeBron Grimes watched small businesses across South Florida close their doors due to COVID, with very little help at the time. Businesses were either forced to close their doors or make the transition to selling their products and services online. As a Forbes Certified Digital Marketing Professional, LeBron Grimes decided to initiate a boutique startup company to service the community’s small businesses to help them get more online exposure and compete for more online customers. They provided their services for free to a few of the staple local businesses in the community, LeBron Grimes does not look at himself as some visionary, or someone who knew how to position himself in the right place at the right time. Instead, he calls Eden Marketing Group a company “forced into birth” to bring life to the death of communities small businesses as we once knew it.

Eden Marketing Group has recently hosted several community events educating small business owners on services to help businesses compete for more online customers and to maximize their online presence. When asked why? LeBron Grimes responded, “I and a few of my colleagues simply became obsessed with educating business owners and super-serving them services they need”. Since July of 2020 Eden Marketing Group has grossed over 400k in sales, and has been recognized by SFIMA ( South Florida Interactive Marketing Assoc.) as a premier marketing agency serving South Florida. With plans to expand and offer their services to a multitude of new verticals, Eden Marketing Group plans to reach those small business owners nationwide and continue to educate and “super-serve” those customers. “With more people starting their own businesses and becoming financially independent, leveling the playing field of customer acquisition is a real game-changer,” Grimes says. “There are 1000’s marketing agencies that provide similar service, however, we are just extremely passionate about connecting buyers of goods and services with small businesses”.

As grassroots as it gets, Eden Marketing Group will continue to keep its feet on the pavement and be accessible to the small business owners in need for the years to come.

Business Editor