Dukes Up (Piano Version) – Music Video Premiere

She is Her Own Label: Miss Krystle's Light Burns Bright for Independent Musicians

Published on February 28, 2019

Independent pop princess and songwriter has teamed up again with music producer, That Orko, to create a dynamic and emotional piano version of her original song, Dukes Up. Miss Krystle first debuted this rendition of her song during her Tedx Talk recently. Miss Krystle’s Tedx Talk centered around her journey as an independent artist, and how with almost 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a musician, performer, model, and beauty pageant winner, Miss Krystle has expanded her passion for music into founding her own record label, Dukes Up Records, as well as owning and running her own entertainment law firm Delgado Entertainment Law, PLLC. Miss Krystle represents herself in every aspect of her career, quite literally. Miss Krystle’s light burns bright for independent musicians and those who are bold enough to do it on their own.

The visuals for the new music video showcases the beauty of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, with undertones of self-love and determination to always fight for your dreams. This song is the anthem for independent musicians everywhere. Miss Krystle passion, drive, and unique self-defined AggroPop sound (aggressive pop) makes Miss Krystle a rising pop artist to keep an eye on.

Since releasing her Woman In Motion and Inevitable Deluxe Edition albums, Miss Krystle’s string of female empowerment anthems has caught the attention of fans worldwide. To date, her independent releases have earned her over 2,000,000 streams across Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora music outlets alone. Her latest release, Save Yourself, best represents Miss Krystle AggroPop sound and attraction towards dark and sinister visuals. Watch, if you dare.

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