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Dream Big With Christopher Roberts Follow His Entrepreneurial Journey From Being Broke to Becoming Financially Free

Published on June 25, 2020

Christopher Roberts is an entrepreneur who made a remarkable journey from being broke with not even a roof over his head to an inspiring entrepreneur and personally making millions of dollars in sales for his businesses and then having employed over 50 people, all in less than one and a half years. He is the perfect example of anything is possible and his only goal was not money, but to be an inspiration to people who think about giving up on their life after facing hardships. Despite having suffered from chronic anxiety and depression, Christopher managed to get through in life with his will power and strength, paving way for a much brighter future.

In this exclusive interview, Christopher talks about his achievements and the obstacles he overcame to reach where he is today.

Tell us about your childhood and your family

Christopher Roberts: I come from a broken family. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and stayed out of home since the age of 14. Until the age of 21, I essentially was willing to stay with anyone who would take me in and shelter me. At that time, even a roof over my head was a huge privilege for me. Not that I had considered there where better options or a different lifestyle for me out there. I just dealt with what was in front of me,

Tell us about your battles with anxiety and depression and how you overcame that

Christopher Roberts: I did not finish high school I did not see the point in education at that stage. I suffered from chronic anxiety and depression and my account balance always seemed to have the minus sign in front of it. I found myself in 300 plus debt to my uncle for rent. To sum it up, I was devastated, but I never stopped looking for my way out of the misery. I used to hear the stories of people’s success and it just seemed like something for someone else, It was deemed impossible for me, by myself for quite some time, until I demanded from myself nothing less than the best most inspirational person I could be from myself. I started finding inspiration in myself, no longer relying on outside influence. I was all I had and that was all I had needed.

What was the turning point of your life?

What confronted me was the biggest anxiety attack I have ever been through (rock bottom) that acted as a turning point for me and led me to these amazing discoveries-

  • My future does not have to look like my past
  • There is a process of doing anything
  • The most important thing you can do every single day is to have an empowering conversation with yourself

This led me to some incredible things, I didn’t realize what I was saying to myself had indisputably affected what I ate, thought, believed, and achieved.

What is the biggest inspiration in your life?

My greatest gift was being on the totally opposite side of success and I thank god and the universe for the lessons I had learned in life, they were no walk in the park. But you cannot understand light without darkness and you can’t know happiness unless you have seen some kind of depression.

I have seen first hand that you have a choice, and what you have is all that you ask for, so to speak. You will never get one thing more than you ask for. And I made education my passion and my purpose and this led me to my business success and financial independence which at the time was an absolute miracle. Now it is a reality, so what drives me is the same transformation I demanded from myself and now I demand from others.

Describe your journey as an entrepreneur so far

Going from broke and getting fired, to starting a successful group of companies and making millions of dollars of sales, I now will dedicate myself to inspiring people, building them as I have built myself. I will guarantee any student I decide to take on will succeed in there subjective success.

A good coach is someone who knows the journey the student wants to take, We know the GPS co-ordinates, and our success is our students’ success.

What is the best advice you can give to someone struggling with difficult situations in their life?

Do not ever believe anyone who doubts you, I remember my best friend telling me I was crazy for the dream I decided to chase, and for a moment it destroyed me. Until I consciously addressed the effect it had on me, and all it did was gave me the thought of failure, which I quickly destroyed and the rest was history.

Our habits are what determines our direction in life, You get what you do. We are what we think, we are what we do, and we are what we eat. We are not our beliefs but our beliefs will be us. My mission is to take people that are living similar to how I was living and inspire them to create the life of their dreams.

People get emotional when they break through barriers from my advice. I tell them it’s not my advice but the advice my influencers and teachers taught me that changed my life, and they work for everyone.

You can teach anyone to sing, you can teach anyone to fly a plane, you can teach anyone to read and write you can teach anyone to prosper and also teach them to flourish. I have proved that anyone can be anything, anyone can acquire financial success.

My advice to people is to do not aim for what you believe you can achieve, you may end up disappointed, but I ask that you multiply that by 1000 and that’s what you aim for. I guarantee just that small change in mentality will change the future you would have otherwise had to endure.

Tell us about your latest book “Breaking the bonds of Mediocrity”

Christopher Roberts: My book Breaking the bonds of Mediocrity is very exciting to me. I have put everything I would have needed before my breakthrough within it, and that should be enough to break the bonds mediocrity has on people. Again anyone can move mountains, anyone can learn the strategies it takes to make a successful business, they are the easy things. The hard thing is enjoying the process, looking for pleasure in the pain of discipline and things will change quite quickly.

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