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Drayson Little Shows How You Can Win at Dropshipping

Published on April 25, 2021

Ever since Drayson Little was young, he had a knack for coming up with innovative ideas. One could say that being an entrepreneur was the destined path for him, and he himself would be inclined to agree. He seriously began his involvement in the entrepreneurial world in his first year of college when he started reselling luxury clothes online. The following year, he decided to pour his efforts into dropshipping.

While brainstorming ideas on how he could generate a profit online, he came across numerous publications advertising the opportunities provided by dropshipping and decided to give it a shot. Admittedly, his first three months in this new venture weren’t exactly rewarding, but he doubled down on his efforts and pushed through his hardship. After seeing more ups and downs for some time afterward, he finally found his formula for success and is now managing multiple profitable e-commerce stores.

How to Win At Dropshipping

For Little, who didn’t have very many resources when he first started his entrepreneurial career, dropshipping was rather fitting; dropshipping wouldn’t require him to need any capital or a physical inventory to start his venture, unlike other forms of retail businesses. However, while dropshipping can certainly help an entrepreneur achieve success, it is still essential that one must know how to properly utilize their skills to effectively use dropshipping.

Start with the available resources

It’s not just people with money to burn who have a shot in the business world. Due to the shortage of resources, Little initially settled on selling iPhone covers before expanding to other products like clothes and accessories. It’s easy to see how making a profit didn’t come quickly or easily for him. Fortunately, though, this didn’t stay that way for long.

Give importance to marketing strategies

While the range of products he chose to sell played a significant role in his success, this wouldn’t have been the case if he hadn’t been able to come up with creative strategies to advertise them. For instance, he capitalized on impulse buying because he knew that some of the best profits come from people who are impulse buyers.

Treat the job seriously and with passion

For some, a career in the field of e-commerce may simply be a side job, but Little believes that those who want to make it big should treat it as a full-time job and give it their maximum effort. He conducts his business with the same thinking, and as a result, he has accumulated millions of dollars from his venture.

Have the courage to stand up after failing

Little can’t emphasize enough the fact that challenges and failure are inevitable in the world of business. However, instead of letting his mistakes and failures overwhelm him, he learned from his past experiences and kept moving forward. He’s certainly a living testament to the fact that as long as one approaches life’s challenges with confidence, they can achieve whatever they want.

Despite being relatively younger than his fellows in the field, Drayson Little has already amassed more than 2.2 million USD in profits from all of the businesses he’s running. While passion, determination, and persistence played roles in what he has achieved thus far, these weren’t all it took. He also has the wit and skill necessary for a successful entrepreneur, and he made sure he used all of his available resources wisely.

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