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Douglas James’s Success Allows Him to Give Back

Published on June 14, 2021

The list of successful personalities around the globe is never-ending, but only a few of them believe in giving back to society. Renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Douglas James believes that giving back is the greatest form of happiness.

However, the transformation of a young boy to a man who helps millions in need didn’t happen overnight. It was a journey of determination and action. Here’s an insight into his life, his daily routine, his inspiration behind becoming an entrepreneur, and a lot more.

If you want to be a part of his journey, follow him at or @the_doughlasjames.

A Peek Into His Day

Being the man of action that he is, Douglas James’s day starts at 5 am with a cup of black coffee and some MCT Oil. He starts by writing down 3 goals for the day, 3 affirmations, and things that he wants for his family and himself. After this, he meditates for 10 minutes and hits the gym.

He shared that he doesn’t use his phone during the first half of his day. It’s all about setting his mind and body and preparing it to conquer the day and take care of all the needs of his family as well as himself.

Inspiration to Help People In Need

Douglas James’s first confrontation with the miseries of people happened in 2015 when he served in the Navy. On a humanitarian mission to serve impoverished communities, his eyes were opened to the miseries of people. This experience made him realize that he wanted to have a greater purpose in life, a purpose of helping others.

He worked with the people of Papua, New Guinea, and many impoverished countries, where he witnessed how people lack basic things like shoes, food, and access to education. After that experience, he has made it his mission to help people and give back to society.

Entrepreneurial Journey And Charity Works

The first step towards his mission began after he returned home and launched his career as an entrepreneur. Realizing the power of digital marketing and effective advertising in this digital age, Douglas James dedicated his time to master Facebook and YouTube ads. Through these ads, he helped several local businesses reach new heights by showing them how to reach a greater audience.

He has extended his service and knowledge through online coaching. Training over 2000 entrepreneurs under his brand name “The High-Ticket Client”, his years of experience and in-depth knowledge of marketing has helped countless businesses succeed and generate huge sales through online platforms.

On one hand, he helps businesses and entrepreneurs succeed with his knowledge, and on the other hand, he contributes to several charities including Project Mexico, Urban Angels, and Our Lady of The Rosary to feed and clothe children, as well as help homeless families. A part of these donations also goes to building schools so that every child can have a fair shot at a bright future.

You can check Douglas James’s work and glimpses of his journey on his Twitter @Doughlas_James_, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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