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Don Chief Music Empire Enhances During COVID-19

Published on July 20, 2021

Don Chief has quietly built a multimedia empire, which is growing faster than average. Coming from the bottom of society doesn’t offer many options for African Americans. The state of Texas has one of the country’s highest murder rates and gang violence activity.  The pressure to survive in Texas produces a different type of human diamond.

Historically, Texas is the founding father of multiple mainstream cultures which impact people worldwide. Their southern cuisine, candy-painted cars, eclectic sense of fashion, and rich Hip-Hop culture shine a special ultraviolet light on Texas.  Hip-Hop music and Texans have a unique relationship. I’m driving down Collins Avenue on South Beach, blaring ‘My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me’ by Ghetto Boys, and chills run down my arms.

I’m still amazed how three black men from Houston, Texas, could create a song that reflects the mentality of every black person in America. The psychology of their music reflects the raw energy of Texas.  Hip-Hop empowers, educates, inspires, heals, and transforms people’s mentality within 16 bars.

Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist Don Chief is a born legend. From birth, some people lock-in with their purpose and mentally adapt to their path of greatness. Don Chief’s life story is not written for the light-hearted or people seeking a path of least resistance. Don Chief’s life and purpose originate from struggle, incarceration, racial bias, economic setbacks, undeniable passion for winning, and natural-born leadership.

Don Chief formed Eatgreedy Music Group in 2014 and empowered himself, the local neighborhood, and his family.  Eatgreedy Music Group encompasses multiple businesses, including TV/Film, record label, artist management, and clothing.

Don Chief recently was recognized by IMDB (Internet Movie Database) for his movie producer credits.  Eatgreedy Films is a premium business extension of his Hollywood vision.  Eatgreedy Films creates documentaries, short films, music videos, and community-based content.

Don Chief has multiple music, TV, and film projects slated for 2021 and 2022. During COVID-19, he re-examined his blueprint and became more aggressive towards the company’s master plan. Don Chief partnered with RADIOPUSHERS in late 2020 for strategic music marketing and branding. RADIOPUSHERS is a leading music monetization agency for visionary individuals.

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