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DJ Ray Tan Is Making Noise as an Independent Artist

The 18-year-old artist has been gaining ground quickly, utilizing a self-created and unique sound

Published on May 28, 2020

Music has always been a huge part of Ray’s life. His early exposure to music came from his mother, who encouraged him to pursue music as a kid. Ray said, “I’ve been mixing and playing instruments for as long as I could do. My mom was an elementary music teacher so I was around all types of music on a daily basis. I soon got into plays, band, practicing piano, and mixing on a laptop was what I did when I wasn’t doing sports. She was pretty hard on me about all this.”

Ray began itching to actually make music as a sophomore in high school. He recalls that time of his life by saying, “When I first wanted to make music I remember I was a sophomore in high school when the thought crossed my mind. I then ignored it but soon the thought kept coming back again and again. After a few years of fighting it, I finally gave in and started to think how I could make this happen.” Ever since he gave in, Ray has been on the rise.

Ray’s main asset as an artist is the ability to write, produce, record, and mix his own tracks. Skills only a handful of artists can boast. This has allowed Ray to create a sound much different from anyone in his area. Ray is best known for his melodic hooks, catchy melodies, and beats. These characteristics mixed with his self-curated production makes for a killer combination. One of the many reasons DJ Ray Tan is blowing up so quickly.

As an independent artist, Ray has always done everything himself. Without any outside help from a management team or a label, Ray has amassed over 150,000 streams in his short time as an artist. Using momentum off songs like “Deception Rain”, “Beating Heart”, and most recently “Silent Asylum”, Ray’s been gathering a following quickly.

Besides being an artist, Ray’s taken a step further into the industry by getting involved with Simp Boy Entertainment Company. The company originally founded by EDM artist SANTELESAMISOK, has been gaining notoriety for helping artists, public figures, and celebrities gain traction in their fields.

DJ Ray Tan is definitely a creative to keep an eye out for.