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Poor Innocence 2020. © Serina Krawczyk

Director Serina Krawczyk Shares Heartbreaking Scene From Poor Innocence

Published on May 01, 2020

A string of new promo images for Poor Innocence with actress Abigail Rohde as Charlotte Grey have us wondering what her story is about, and we all want to know if there is a happy ending. The stills show Charlotte Grey on the floor in an argument with her mother, Margo Grey. Sharing a couple of stills from the film, one Twitter user wrote, “I know that face. It’s terror and scared for your life. I can relate”. The picture suggests that Charlotte is trying to get away from her abuser.

The close-up images of Charlotte Grey’s face show a tired and drained child. “I got away from my abusive ex with my kids & those images remind me of what my kids went through,” one fan wrote in response, adding a crying face emoji. “protect your kids they don’t know any better,” wrote another. In Poor Innocence, Charlotte is standing outside with Margo in what appears to be a screaming match. Charlotte stands her ground against her abuser in a powerful scene we all are anxious to see.

Director and writer Serina Krawczyk of Poor Innocence announced she will release footage soon including bloopers of the cast. “I’ve been working on these scenes for the past few months to keep busy,” Krawczyk wrote on Facebook. “I’d love to hear what you guys think about this and would you be interested in seeing clips?”, Krawczyk said they will run for about five minutes.

On Sunday, the director shared on her Facebook, a rather heartbreaking movie scene from her film. One of the many scenes we aren’t prepared to see. It has some of us wondering what happens after those 17 seconds. A shadow casts on the door of someone approaching Charlotte’s bedroom. Once in frame, the mother opens the door, holding a belt. Charlotte Grey is seen sitting on the floor up against the wall, with her knees to her chest. She looks up at her mother in the doorway holding a belt. The camera focuses on Charlotte’s reaction to the belt while the door closes. It leaves us wondering what is going on. Though we can guess, we would rather wish she somehow got away from her mother, Margo Grey.

A powerful short 17 seconds that happens every day to kids. “Horrible & tragic. So many kids’ lives are not what you think behind the scenes!”, Facebook commenter about the scene, “That is horrible. Horrible as in that made me sick to watch. Kids that go through that breaks my heart,” another comment about the sad clip. Does Margo ever get caught?

Serina Krawczyk asks her fans “What happens behind the closed door? And what would you do?”, many voiced their opinion on Instagram and Facebook. We already know that Charlotte is going to go through some rough challenges judging by the belt scene. Krawczyk teases with stills from Poor Innocence that are hard to stomach, but this film could send a message to help more kids come forward with abuse and bullying.

Fans are anticipating the release of Poor Innocence.

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