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Poor Innocence 2020. © Serina Krawczyk

Detroit Native Filmmaker Serina Krawczyk Shows Off Unexpected Scene

Published on May 06, 2020

For the past two weeks, the film director of the upcoming Netflix movie, Poor Innocence, has been teasing fans with movie stills and short snippets, drawing in attention and shocked reactions. With a book announcement that took others by surprise after it’s being revealed in a video made by James Van Der Beek, Krawczyk confirmed that Poor Innocence the book will not be in your hands until 2021. And if you are lucky to get into the red-carpet premiere of the upcoming film, you will be one of the first to have it before the public.

On Tuesday, Serina Krawczyk who lives in Seattle, shared on Instagram her latest clip showing Charlotte (Abigail Rohde) as we have never seen her before. The impression of the stills and recent clips suggested she was a closed-off, quiet child from a small town in Michigan. Krawczyk warned her audience of strong language used in the snippet before playing the clip. The explicit language came from none other than Charlotte Grey herself. And you have to see it for yourself.

With 5000 views and counting on Instagram, the Detroit native has surely grabbed the attention of her audience, including the American rock band Cold. The band released new bullying theme song “Shine”, and lead singer of Cold, Scooter Ward featured in Breaking Benjamin’s “Far Away” single that stayed three weeks at number one on the billboards. “Yes! All the fire”, Coldmusic response to the video. Serina has gained attention with her work from other celebrities like Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, Lord of the Rings actor, Sean Astin, and Dawson’s Creek, James Van Der Beek to name a few.

Serina Krawczyk hinted that production is in talks about resuming after the pandemic taking a toll around the world, halting the movie industry. She has said in her Instagram story a mention of a soundtrack to the film, though no artists have been announced yet. But this filmmaker says she is positive she will make her 2021 release of Poor Innocence once and for all.

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