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DC Prosper: Investing in Myself, Not a Label

Published on February 10, 2021

After years of hardship and heartbreak, DC Prosper has pulled his life together and is now looking forward to sharing his rambunctious rap sound and unique talent with the world. His latest single, Win Now, reflects his desire to leave the past behind and begin celebrating life once again. 

The Brooklyn, New York artist, likes to get real about things people don’t usually like to talk about. He isn’t shy about letting everyone know his views and typically likes to express his thoughts in his rap music. Through his different sound and never-ending energy, he likes to share the story of his life through his music.

DC Prosper’s music piques the interest of listeners because they never know what to expect. Whatever is happening in his life usually makes it into his music, and as everyone knows, life is full of ups and downs. It’s a fascinating rollercoaster ride that unifies people because there is something that speaks to everyone directly. 

DC Prosper’s music is powerful, but the underlying theme is encouraging and hopeful, prompting people to feel the beat and go along for the ride. 

His story begins in Brooklyn, where early in his childhood, it became apparent that music was to play a significant role in his life. Unfortunately, depression and anxiety were also destined to be a part of his story, so DC Prosper would have many battles to fight in his young life.

At one point, he became so despondent that he took a large amount of codeine and ended up overdosing. After a stay in the hospital, he realized that rap music would pull him out of his despair and be his lifeline. DC Prosper used his life and death experience to turn things around.  

He always had confidence in his musical abilities, and that’s where he turns when times get tough. He says that music saved his life – and that’s not a statement he makes lightly. Every day when DC Prosper wakes up, he has to decide if he will let his depression and anxiety get the best of him or if he is going to seek the light and speak his truth.

Despite his struggles, he nurtured his natural talent and became a standout success locally. Now, after pursuing his musical dreams for nearly seven years, DC Prosper is ready to break free and make a name for himself as a talented artist in the entertainment industry. 

Today, this talented young rap artist has music videos and songs on all social media platforms, from TikTok and Spotify to Facebook and Twitter. DC Prosper has developed quite a following as his upbeat, determined attitude continues to resonate with many. 

Today, DC Prosper is optimistic about his future and intends to bring a sense of joy to his fans, trying to save others from depression by giving them hope that things will get better.

To contact DC Prosper, reach out to him by email at

Instagram: @dc__prosper

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