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David Jaffee from Review: A Better Way to Trade via Options Trading

Published on January 24, 2020

David Jaffee, 36, a former Wall Street investment banker and Ivy League Graduate, has taught over 1,000 students how to be consistently profitable in the stock market by using options trading strategies that enhance returns while reducing portfolio volatility.

Through his YouTube Channel and website David Jaffee has taught over 1,000 students how to earn ~30% a year by selling option premium.

Options Trading Strategies

David Jaffee teaches his students to “act like insurance companies” and place high probability trades that usually result in large profits with minimal losses.

Oftentimes David Jaffee structures his trades so that they have a 95%+ win rate.

In fact, in 2019, Mr. Jaffee was up 115% and had zero losing trades all year.

You can view a screen recording of his trading account here:

David Jaffee primarily focuses on selling put options during a bull market.

During a bear market, Mr. Jaffee will switch to selling call options.

When selling put options, the seller of the option agrees to buy the underlying stock if its price falls below the strike price that has been sold at the expiration date.
For example, if AMZN is trading at $1850, Mr. Jaffee can agree to buy Amazon at $1650 by selling a $1650 strikeout option while collecting $3 in option premium (or $300 for every contract that’s sold).

When selling a call option, the seller of the option agrees to sell the underlying stock if its price rises above the strike price that has been sold at the expiration date.

By selling options, investors are able to reduce their risk while also maximizing their gains.

These types of trades have an extremely high probability of profit.

David Jaffee and Review

When reviewing David Jaffee and options trading strategies, it becomes apparent that he profits by selling premium on market-leading stocks (such as Facebook, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, JP Morgan, etc.) when they are trading at the low end of their trading range.

He then chooses a strike price that offers substantial option premium while being far enough away from the current market price so that the option will likely not get challenged.

Criticism of Tastytrade and Option Alpha

David Jaffee believes that patience and discipline are extremely important.

He believes that many investors trade “too often”.

He has been a vocal critic of Option Alpha and Tastytrade for encouraging their followers to trade too often.

David Jaffee likes to remind his students that they are rewarded for making good decisions, not for being active.
As a result, Mr. Jaffee usually only places about ~2 – 3 trades per week.

Options Trading Strategies for a Recession

David Jaffee recently released a YouTube video explaining how he believes that the stock market will experience greater volatility in late 2020.

As a result, he now trades vertical credit spreads instead of naked options.

By trading spreads, he is further reducing volatility and risk.

David Jaffee also will begin selling call options, and call option spread when the stock market enters a recession and correction.

Review of David Jaffee and Conclusion

In summary, David Jaffee from is one of the few legitimate online educators who shows his full financial statements.

He has over 1,000 students and trades a consistently profitable strategy.

Additionally, as an Ivy League graduate and former Wall Street investment banker, he is extremely capable to assist both novice and experienced traders become consistently profitable in the stock market.

If you want to learn more about David Jaffee or, please visit or to enroll as a student.

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