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Daniel Vivarelli: Founder and CEO of Starloop! A Talk About ‘Regenerative Entrepreneurship!’

Published on August 01, 2022

It’s a good day! We managed to invite Daniel Vivarelli, the founder & CEO of Starloop, for an interview about his company and how it helps grow businesses and supports the planet.

For those who are not currently in the know, Daniel Vivarelli’s Starloop helps businesses generate genuine reviews by using something called Regenerative Entrepreneurship.

Okay, But… What is Regenerative Entrepreneurship?

If you’re scratching your head wondering what this new business model is all about, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Thankfully, we were able to ask Daniel to explain the process a little for us.

According to Daniel, the key to regenerative commerce is that “transactions trigger an act of regeneration.”

What does this mean? Well, using his very own Starloop as an example, Daniel explained it like this: “We’re an Online Reputation Management (ORM) software company, we help businesses get reviews from sites like Google and Facebook, our ‘act of regeneration’ comes from each tree that we plant per review.”

Starloop: Increase Revenue & Help Save the World

By the way, when Daniel Vivarelli talks about planting trees per review, he really means it.

Online reviews are incredibly valuable these days.

Frankly, if you’re looking at a business with glowing reviews vs one with mediocre reviews — or no reviews at all, there’s really no competition. So, putting in the effort to obtain genuine reviews is strategically worthwhile. As Daniel said when we interviewed him: “Your online reviews determine whether you get the call or not.”

Of course, the issue is… it’s not easy to get genuine reviews.

The software provided by Starloop helps in this regard, and it does so by promising to the customer that a tree will be planted for every review written — which is possible through collaborations with nonprofit organizations whose mission is to reforest the Earth.

Daniel doesn’t shy away from this challenge, even stating that his current mission is to “Plant 1 million trees by helping our Members get 1 million reviews with”.

Starloop Guarantee: “Triple Your Online Reviews”???

But okay… Is this real??? Does it really work?

The whole idea may seem a bit strange at first, but the results speak for themselves.

You can see a live count of all the reviews that Starloop has managed to generate on the Starloop official website. Currently, the count is almost 70K!

That’s 70,000 reviews received and 70,000 trees planted.

There are also honest customer testimonials shared by satisfied Starloop customers available that you can check out. For example, the one left by Chris Odd, the CEO of Odds On Home Inspection. He clearly states: “We had doubts. Now we’ve got 807 genuine Google reviews and our revenues are up 41%.”

How Does Starloop Work?

How did Daniel get this idea in the first place?

When we asked this question, we also inquired a little bit about Daniel’s background.

Starloop was launched in 2015 and within a year, Daniel had actually been interviewed by Forbes regarding the development of the software.

You don’t know, but Daniel really took his time when it came to developing Starloop. Even the vocabulary used was taken into careful consideration. According to Daniel, it ended up taking him 26 months in order to make it perfect.

He wanted to make sure that the “sleaze factor” was removed so that customers wouldn’t feel awkward about being asked for an online review. And, only after finally getting the tone correct, did he go on to design how the review process will work. Of course, this too was very carefully planned.

The Elegant “Invitation!”

What comes next is… the invitation. According to Daniel, “Using the word ‘invite’ is important. It removes the awkwardness of asking directly for a review. When customers are invited to leave feedback, the engagement rates increase, resulting in more online reviews.”

In any case, continuing from the explanation above, Daniel states that, “As we all know, it’s a busy world. And no one really wants to be writing online reviews so what you say and when you say it are critically important.”

1 Review = 1 Tree Planted!

The invitation is straightforward. In order to give the customer an incentive for writing a review, the customer is plainly told that a tree will be planted for every online review. This gives customers a powerful reason to take time out of their day and write an honest review.

Daniel explained that the trees are planted in countries that are specifically suffering from deforestation issues. As for the reason that it works? Well… “It’s all about the law of reciprocity,” Daniel Vivarelli explained. “If you do something nice for someone, like plant a tree, they’re more likely to do something nice for you, like write you an online review. Everyone wins, including our planet.”

In any case, “By helping businesses get valuable reviews and planting one tree for each one, we should be able to accomplish our mission of planting 1 million trees,” he told us optimistically.

Expert of Blue Ocean Marketing Strategies!

After we finished talking about Starloop, we went on to talk about more personal subjects.

For example, how did Daniel Vivarelli get into the business? Daniel is from British Columbia, Canada and he specializes in Blue Ocean Marketing Strategies.

If you’re not familiar with the term, Daniel said that differentiation is the key to unlocking success. “When you differentiate properly, you don’t just beat your competition … you make them completely irrelevant,” Daniel explained. Blue Ocean Strategy is a term that was coined in 2005, and it’s a model being used by more and more businesses to differentiate themselves and drive growth.

Starloop is a good example of this. There are plenty of ORM services out there, but how many effectively combine ecology like Starloop does? It’s so effective that even Forbes described the concept as “brilliant.” This is the kind of work Daniel enjoys, and also how he ended up being a leader in the online reputation management space.

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“Don’t forget. Reputation is everything,” Daniel Vivarelli said to us just before we wrapped up. He also shared some links with us so that our readers can find him:

If you want to learn more about Daniel, or Danno, as his friends call him, feel free to give him a tag!

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