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Dan Ware is Redefining the Creator Economy Through Culture With Music Based Creator Marketplace, Breakr

From culturally revolutionizing brands to bringing the music industry into the future, Dan Ware has his sights on disrupting the creator economy with Breakr

Published on July 06, 2021

Some people are natural marketers. Some have a high creative IQ. But very rarely do we see people who can do both plus articulate and infuse culture in a way that just puts a very fashionable and hypeworthy bow on a brand. In a world where every brand is trying to find their cool and be relevant to the people who create the trends, Dan Ware has been a driving force behind crafting cultural overhauls for some of your favorite brands.

After leading cultural marketing, at both the brand and agency level, for major brands like Mountain Dew, Coors Light, Footlocker, Pepsi, Courvoisier, Lifewtr etc, Dan has now set sights on the music industry, leveraging his cultural expertise to co-found and launch breakr, an a16z x TxO backed music based tech startup that connects Influencers with emerging artists, where content creators can get paid for promoting new music on across social media.

While creating music and gaining exposure has become easier than ever, breaking through the clutter of the volume of new music is becoming increasingly challenging. Today’s artists need to be much smarter and more strategic about how they release and market music, and Dan along with his co-founders have a solution.

breakr is a creator marketplace connecting content creators and artists to break new music across all digital music promotion outlets. breakr enables artists to break their music to newly engaged audiences when and where they choose, on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. Content creators generate real value for artists, track their impact, and develop a portfolio of successful campaigns that they can continue to market.

Now, Head of Marketing and Growth, Dan Ware, noted, “there is a massive untapped market of content creators who are willing to integrate new music into their content. However, no platform exists to organize the sourcing, filtration, and payment process for micro-to-mid-tier influencers looking to participate in the music promotion business.” It is well documented that micro-influencers have 5-6 times better ROI than macro-influencers on paid promotion. The exciting part is that with breakr, artists can now connect with micro-influencers directly at a price point they can afford. “Creators of all sizes need tools and a business dashboard that helps them manage and grow their business, whether they are creating music or content and we can’t wait to see the market embrace this software born of the culture.” – Dan Ware.

Artists and influencers can sign up for early access here.

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