Cut Through the Noise With Solid Editorial Placements

Published on July 06, 2022

They say that in today’s world, content is king. Which is why creating content is an absolute necessity in order to compete in an ever-changing, increasingly competitive business landscape. As business goes global, and content platforms are allowing even small businesses to expand their reach into the tens of millions, cutting through the noise and getting your business in front of your target market can be tricky.

If you’re not using editorial placements and Google News for your corporate announcements and product launches, you’re leaving a lot of potential exposure on the table.


Just about any business in any industry will benefit from exposure where there was none before. Google News placements can be an excellent way for an artist to promote an upcoming release. For a business to announce an upcoming product offering or evolution of their brand.


One of the fastest ways to get global traffic and recognition for your brand is through Google News. Also, getting a placement on Google News allows for instant and massive link-building through bloggers and content creators linking to your material. If an article is on google news, it’s already implied that the news source is trustworthy, which is the type of recognition that all brands want to be associated with


There is a common misconception that paid media placements may not generate the same impact as earned media. While there is some truth to that, the major differentiator separating mediocre placements and ones with gravitas is quality. It’s because of this that savvy businesses entrust this facet of their marketing and PR to professionals who know what to publish, when to publish it, and what sites to publish it on.


Let’s take a service provider like Tegan Watts Ltd for instance. For a marginal fee, content is published on high-ranking world-class platforms such as The Ritz Herald, Markets Herald, Madison Graph, and more. In fact, if you’re reading this article, it works. What this does is allows Google News to pick up the story, once again amplifying it and directing it to a given target audience. While social media can have an impact similar to this, it can only do so if its reach is already massive.


Scrolling through the online presence of successful businesses, you’ll recognize one thing in common. Media coverage. Often, links to this media coverage are located on the landing page or homepage so that visitors can quickly and easily recognize that this business is trustworthy. Aside from the obvious benefit of expanding a business’ reach through media coverage, this coverage can then be used to bolster the reputation and profile of the business in the eyes of new or potential clients.

Enterprise Editor