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Croatia’s New Luxury Sail Yacht Charter Concept

Published on February 25, 2022

Croatian luxury boat charters are getting a makeover

Yachts that mix centuries-old Croatian maritime building and shipping traditions with the most cutting-edge luxury chartering trends have always been with Mastercharter.

Everything about a yacht visualized by us is thoroughly cared for, from conceptualization through completion and delivery to the first passengers stepping aboard. As one of the few firms to be engaged in the whole life cycle of a newly built luxury sailing yacht, we’ve now had five newly constructed luxury yachts pass through our docks. We are proud to provide a fleet of luxury sailing yachts and motor sailors created to the highest criteria, made by Croatian families with an extended past of maritime activity, and furnished with the newest technological breakthroughs. Each of Croatia’s finest luxury sailing yachts is owned by a family with years of luxury yacht charter expertise and a thorough understanding of the country’s coastline and must-see sites. In addition, the most outstanding specialists and concierges conduct monthly training courses for the crew members of our boats. Finally, the yachts were built with the direction and counsel of the industry’s most seasoned specialists for the most selective clients from all over the world in mind.

This is how we pick the best luxury boats

Our yachts are our company’s pride and joy. It’s a unique blend of Croatian maritime tradition and cutting-edge design that ensures every guest will want to return. When the luxury yachts are still only a few sketches and drawings, we follow them from conception to completion, along with a careful selection of crew members to ensure that all of their needs are satisfied before the first passengers embark. A new experience awaits those who charter a luxury sailboat in Croatia. Our extensive knowledge and the fact that we are situated in Croatia ensure that you will be dealing with the most knowledgeable people when selecting a luxury boat.

Just what is so special about these exquisite luxury sailing yachts?

  1. Having a team consisting of five to eight crew members, including some of the best chefs in the industry, that only mega yachts are capable of providing the level of service these vessels do.
  2. Customers may find the finest old-world Croatian seamanship and cutting-edge modern design in a luxury sailing yacht on Croatia‘s most beautiful sea.
  3. Imagine sailing peacefully through beautiful coves while gliding beneath dazzling white sails propelled by cutting-edge motors.
  4. Centuries of marine construction skill and the most modern trends in luxury yachting, hence exceptional luxury boats are built.
  5. Having a luxury sailing boat or a custom-built luxury yacht will make you feel like you’re on a one-of-a-kind experience.

What’s so special about Croatia? Finally, why Mastercharter’s luxury sailing yachts?

You might be asking why Croatia is the ideal location to view Mother Nature’s splendor from one of our first-of-their-kind luxury charter boats.

The Adriatic coast of Croatia is home to some of the world’s most fantastic travel spots. Dubrovnik, Mljet, Split, and Brac Island are just a few of the beautiful vacation spots nearby for you, your family, and friends to explore.

Our gorgeous coastline, friendly greeting, sumptuous yacht, and awe-inspiring contact with the preserved natural grandeur of the islands, their colors, tastes, and aromas, have been a part of our tale for more than two decades now.

Throughout our lives, our family has resided in the Mediterranean. As a result, we know the area’s turquoise bays, sandy beaches, and charming cobblestone streets and squares.

Our new luxury sailing yachts have a vacation atmosphere about them, so we chose to accommodate the client’s demands when we built them. With our first-rate and discreet service, we’ll make sure your holiday is one to remember.

Luxury yacht charters in Croatia have been introduced by Mastercharter, one of the country’s leading yacht charter businesses.

We’ve been in the luxury charter business for more than two decades, and we have our fleet of luxury boats and a hand-picked staff with backgrounds in tourism, information technology, law, and production.

Mastercharter is the best place to rent a luxury yacht charter in Croatia, with over 200 reservations from prestigious visitors worldwide.

It’s hard to deny that Croatia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, thanks partly to the unforgettable experiences its visitors have while aboard one of the country’s many magnificent boats, even in the face of the widespread COVID.

These luxury yacht rental vessels are in high demand, and their popularity continues to rise even in this COVID period.

Several more luxury sailing vessels for this type of luxury yacht charter will be built under our guidance in the next few years.

Croatia's New Luxury Sail Yacht Charter Concept Croatia's New Luxury Sail Yacht Charter Concept Croatia's New Luxury Sail Yacht Charter Concept Croatia's New Luxury Sail Yacht Charter Concept
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