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Country Music Artist Jessica Lynn to Release Debut Solo Album Lone Rider

Jessica Lynn enlists StraxAR for groundbreaking, immersive ar content embedded in debut solo album

Published on June 18, 2021

Emerging country music sensation, Jessica Lynn (“Run To”; “Let’s Don’t”; “Crazy Idea”) today announced that her upcoming new album, Lone Rider, will be completely embedded with immersive AR video content created by StraxAR™ – the augmented reality (AR) distribution platform that delivers custom content to the hands of consumers everywhere. The album, which Daydreamer Records will be releasing soon allows the emerging artist’s fans to utilize StraxAR to unlock custom programming on all 13 songs featured on Lone Rider – including videos, liner notes and additional original content Lynn created with StraxAR — to bring her fanbase even closer than ever through immersive programming.

Lynn, whose three nationwide concert television specials and pairings with country music legends including Loretta Lynn and Keith Urban cemented her status as bona fide sensation, enlisted StraxAR during the global pandemic as she turned her focus from live performances to cultivating AR content for her growing, international fan base. Lynn’s fans can now utilize the StraxAR app to “Strax” words inside from the album’s sleeve, front or back cover to gain instant access to each song’s AR video programming in which Lynn takes listeners behind the scenes to learn more about each song’s origin and other relevant information. Earlier collaborations with Lynn and Strax included immersive audience participation, livestreams, and custom AR in Lynn’s online store, which helped expand ticket and merchandise sales while routing increased traffic to her Spotify and YouTube content.

Music and entertainment is just one industry embracing AR to deepen content engagement. In April, Strax Networks unveiled a partnership with Jersey City (NJ) Public Schools to introduce AR (Augmented Reality) technology to bring students fast, easy access to educational content that complements in-classroom learning. Strax Networks is also moving forward with multiple programs at the University level involving a wide range of subjects where it’s AR platform will open doors to team and community-generated immersive content with instant access through a simple scan.

“Partnering with StraxAR allowed me to marry my passion for music with my obsession with new, groundbreaking tech,” explains Lynn. “The team at StraxAR opened the door to cultivate yet another avenue of artistic expression that allowed me to connect with my fans in ways that are personally relevant and emotionally meaningful. With the help of StraxAR, Lone Rider will not only share my music, but also convey insights into what drives me as an artist.”

“Jessica Lynn’s artistic collaboration with StraxAR created the perfect blueprint for celebrities and brands looking to foster deeper consumer connections by leveraging the power of AR in ways never before seen,” adds Eric Singleton, CEO of StraxAR. “Jessica’s artistic vision challenged us and allowed us to develop new and innovative applications of our industry-leading AR technology. The Jessica Lynn and StraxAR approach is the new engagement model for all artists and brands hoping to bring their relationships with their fans even closer.”

Alan Mariotti, Co-Founder and CSO of Strax Networks added, “Jessica Lynn and other talented entertainers are making a powerful choice to combine their works with this state-of-the-art technology, greatly amplifying engagement with fans and brands to bring their material to life. AR content is the future of entertainment and they are leading the charge.”

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