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CoolX Portable AC Reviews – Complete Report on CoolX Air Cooler – Does CoolX Air Conditioner Work?

Published on June 18, 2021

CoolX Portable Air Conditioner has been recently launched to with the sole aim to fill in the gaps left by competing brands. It works to cool the place in as little as 30 seconds. CoolX Portable AC is wireless and provides a cooling sensation in an instant. You can carry this Mini Portable AC with you anywhere.

Every summer, it seems like the temperature is getting higher and higher. Being in the heat for too long is not just uncomfortable, but can have some serious side effects. It can get hard to focus on important tasks, difficult to cook in a boiling kitchen, or do any kind of work at all.

What’s more, being hot all the time can cause a severe downturn in our mood. It’s all too easy to get cranky and snap at our loved ones when the temperature is running high.

Apart from the emotional effects, there are also the physical problems to worry about. Children and adults alike can face digestive problems if they get too hot. Other issues can involve fevers, colds, rashes, itching, prickly heat, exhaustion, cramps, and even heat strokes.

Methods for Staying Cool

All the reasons above explain why humans and even animals need to stay as cool as possible when the weather is scorching and uncomfortable. When we’re out of doors, this might involve swimming, finding shade, cooling off in the sprinklers, and so on. When we’re indoors, however, having fans and windows sometimes just isn’t enough. We simply have to turn to air conditioning at some point.

The Issue With Air Conditioners

While many people bless their air conditioner every summer, there’s no denying that it’s not really the best option for everyone. A regular, traditional air conditioner is usually quite expensive in itself, while the installation and maintenance costs are another story altogether.

Even when we do get everything set up, a regular air conditioner will usually make our energy bills shoot up. This will increase our daily cost of living, leaving even less money for our other needs or wants.

Finally–and perhaps the most annoying of all–a traditional air conditioner is mostly limited to one room only. We have to close all the doors and windows and huddle in one space in order to get cool. This is not just impractical, but also inconvenient when we want to cool down a room especially for a guest, a party, or any other reason.

A New Release

Fortunately, the answer to this cooling conundrum is now available to us. We’re talking here about portable air conditioners; more specifically, the  CoolX Portable AC. This particular option has a sleek yet simple design, with an environmentally friendly makeup and limited energy consumption. Since many people might hesitate before investing in this portable air conditioner, let’s have a closer look at what it offers before making a decision.

 About CoolX Portable AC

CoolX Portable AC is a new type of air conditioner that’s portable and delivers three functions in one unit. Like any regular AC, it delivers cool, refreshing breezes until the whole area is comfortable for everyone. With this in our homes, we’d hopefully be able to enjoy the long summer days without the health issues or emotional effects of too much heat. At the same time, we can also hope to cut down on our energy bills by running this instead of traditional AC units.

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The dimensions of the CoolX Portable AC are around 174x170x170 mm. The noise level is minimal, but there might also be no noise at all.

So, just what is it that puts CoolX Portable AC apart from the conventional ACs? Let’s have a look at the mechanism operating it in order to understand just what we’re getting:

The Working of CoolX Portable AC

With the design of CoolX Portable AC, it works on something known as evaporation technology. The method here is that outside air is trapped and then cleared of warm or hot air molecules. Then, the cool air molecules are released into the space where we want them.

On the top of the CoolX Portable AC unit, we also have a water tank which the user needs to fill up beforehand. It’s better if we fill it with cool water, so that the air that comes out is fresh and crisp.

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After filling up the tank, all we have to do is plug in the CoolX Portable AC, turn it on, and select the right fan setting for freeing the cool air.

Additional Functions 

In addition to the cooling feature, the CoolX Portable AC also provides at least two other functions. One, it acts as an air humidifier by ensuring that we get enough moisture in our environment. This is a big step up from conventional air conditioners, as the latter kind are apt to dry out the environment and cause health problems. Getting enough moisture in the air around us is essential for people who have respiratory conditions or consistent skin issues.

The third function of the CoolX Portable AC is that of an air purifier. This means that it will filter the air it traps in addition to sucking out the hot air molecules. This way, get cool air that’s cleansed of any unwanted, potentially harmful particles.

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Features of CoolX Portable AC

We’ve talked about the three functions of the CoolX Portable AC, so now it’s time to look at some of the details. The following features will help us understand the value of this device:

1. Various Speed Settings

The CoolX Portable AC unit has three inbuilt speed setting–low, medium, and high. We can easily switch from one setting to another by simply pressing the provided button. If the atmosphere is getting too cold or hot for our liking, we can always fiddle around with the fan settings to get more comfortable.

2. A Compact Size

Portable air conditioners might have been available before, but the CoolX Portable AC is groundbreaking due to its compactness. Unlike most other AC units of any kind, one person can easily carry this device without much effort. All we have to do is make sure that the unit is near an electrical outlet or USB port in case it isn’t charged.

3. Charging Option

The charging feature in the CoolX Portable AC is a delightful surprise, especially since it’s a rare or even non-existent option. That’s right; we can charge these units through an outlet or USB port.

4. LED Lights

There’s also a potential fourth function of this device. This is the LED light system, which has seven colors. This means that we can even use this as a source of dim light; perhaps as a nightlight for children who have trouble sleeping in the dark.

5. Water Tank

Fortunately, the water tank on the CoolX Portable AC is pretty easy to fill up. We don’t have to mix up any special or expensive solutions. All it requires is pouring in some water and letting the device do its job. With a full water tank, we can expect the AC to run for about 6 to 8 hours.

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 Advantages of Using CoolX Portable AC

We’ve already mentioned a lot of upsides to ordering and making use of this portable air conditioner. Still, it’s worth looking at all these benefits in one place; it might help get some of us over the fence about going for this cooling system:

  • The CoolX Portable AC is essentially a portable system. This means that it’s extra convenient for using in offices, homes, and even cars. If we charge it beforehand, this option might even be able to help us save gas on a road trip for several hours!
  • Since the CoolX Portable AC will keep things cool more easily, this will protect both our health and our equipment. A lot of us are working from home now, and we need some climate control to keep our competitors from overheating. If we can accomplish this without having a conventional AC on all the time, it would be less of a burden on our pockets.
  • The settings of the CoolX Portable AC are easy to change with the touch of a button. We don’t have to deal with a remote (which might get lost) or several levels to control this feature.
  • The illumination on CoolX Portable AC is not just good for its appearance, but it can change color as required too. This is good for people who might be more comfortable with a certain color. Plus, the dim light is perfect for creating a calming ambiance for any room.

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  • Some potential users of CoolX Portable AC might be concerned about whether it’s effective or not, especially since it’s so small. Fortunately, it seems like there are several awards to CoolX Portable AC’s name; it’s earned the Most Useful Award from XY21 Innovation, the Innovator “Readers’ Choice” Award, and Most Innovative Award from Dublin Today. These are just the awards from one year, so we can probably expect more to come. For now, though, this acknowledgment is pretty impressive.
  • The CoolX Portable AC’s system of putting out moisture in the air around us is better for our hair, skin, respiratory system, and other health aspects. Unlike regular AC units, this method helps to keep our skin hydrated and gives us cleaner air to breathe. For those who have sensitive health issues, the CoolX Portable AC’s technology might be a lifesaver in more ways than one.
  • Areas that have dry climate will also benefit from the CoolX Portable AC technology, as it will help to improve air quality. This way, we know that no matter where we use the device, it will be effective and give relief to the users.
  • There’s no need to buy or take care of any special chargers or plus for this device. We only need regular plugs and USB cables to set up the system and start cooling.
  • CoolX Portable AC doesn’t take up much power; only around 2 to 7 watts.  This means that we can keep it running for a long time without worrying too much about high energy bills.

The Cost of CoolX Portable AC

The cost of any air conditioning unit is a major factor for any potential customer. Before we make a purchase like this, we have to look at our budget. Luckily, the people behind the CoolX Portable AC have kept this in mind and managed to keep its price  within a reasonable range. What’s even better is that they’ve offered a sizable discount on each unit if someone orders them in bulk. Below is a summary of what prices we can expect (in US dollars) for now:

The prices listed above do seem quite reasonable. Before clicking the order button, however, we should keep in mind that the listed prices are liable to costumes or shipping fees depending on where we live.

On the upside, all CoolX Portable AC units are under the protection of a 30-day money back guarantee. If anyone receives the device and then changes their mind about it, they can contact customer service (the options are given on CoolX Portable AC’s official website) and ask for a full refund.

Limitations of the Refund

Unfortunately, there are certain conditions we have to meet in order to get a refund. Generally, these include that the device hasn’t been used and is in the original packaging. However, there might be a partial refund applicable if someone has used the device or if the refund timeframe has passed. It’s worth noting here that any refund application will be analyzed and granted on a case-by-case system.

CoolX Reviews – Does CoolX Air Cooler Really Work?

At the end of the day, it does seem like CoolX Portable AC is a great choice for people who are on a budget, want some efficient cooling, and also stay environmentally-friendly at the same time. There are several benefits to consider when we’re thinking of buying such a unit, though there are a few downsides. Since the disadvantages don’t have anything to do with the working or efficiency of the CoolX Portable AC’s system, we’d say it is worth giving a try. The refund option is there, so we have a bit of a safety net anyway. It’s time to start cooling off in the most efficient manner possible, so let’s book our CoolX Portable AC as soon as possible!

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