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Cole Morgan is a Successful Instagram Entrepreneur Who Got His Start When He Was 14

Published on November 05, 2020

Did you know that people as young as 14 have been able to become entrepreneurs and have wild success on social media platforms like Instagram? Cole Morgan used to be one of those 14-year-olds. Now that he is 20, he reflects on the success he has achieved over the past 6 years.

Cole ended up making an astonishing $30K within the first four months of him posting viral content to his Instagram page @sluringz. He also established a clothing company while he was a freshman in high school. Around the same time, his personal account grew to nearly 40K followers. It was thanks to Instagram that he was making thousands of dollars from his clothing company. His IG success was so great that he ended up selling one of his viral pages to a friend. This made something click for him, and helped him to get on the path to becoming even more successful on Instagram.

Ever since starting his first viral memes account on Instagram, he knew the strategies and tactics to use to gain a growing audience of followers. It wasn’t that far after reaching 70K followers that he started getting reached out to by brands to do paid promotions. As his pages kept growing, so did the number of moneymaking opportunities. Brands began asking him if he could be an affiliate for them. This helped propel his financial success through Instagram even more. 

On social media platforms like Instagram, networking is the name of the game. The more you network, the more opportunities you have to expand your audience and make more money. Cole has achieved stunning success thanks to networking with other influencers and brands who were aligned with his interests and focus.

Cole has also achieved great success by selling apparel from his own clothing company. This was an endeavor he began when he was just 14, around the same time that his Instagram following exploded. He has used the combination of paid promotions, affiliate marketing, and selling his own products to become incredibly successful.

Today, Cole Morgan boasts having close to 10 very successful Instagram pages, which have a total of over 3 million followers. He’s made a great deal of money using the moneymaking strategies mentioned earlier. If you are someone who would love to achieve the kind of success that Cole has, you can reach out to him and ask him how. If Cole was able to do this since he was 14 years old, then you could do it as well.

Whether you are 14 or 80, you can achieve extraordinary success, just like Cole has. That’s the beauty of social media platforms like Instagram. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you are passionate about something and create appealing and engaging content, you can achieve success on this popular platform. 

You can grow your audience and leverage Instagram to make money by reaching out to Cole on his Instagram page.

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