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Cochell Law Firm Racks Up Major Wins Against the Federal Trade Commission

Stephen Cochell, founder of Cochell Law Firm, located in Houston Texas announces a number of victories against the Federal Trade Commission

Published on July 12, 2021

The Cochell Law Firm announces that just last week, the Central District Court of California ruled in favor of Steve’s Client, Redwood Scientific Technologies sanctioning the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) for discovery abuse in seeking monetary relief under the FTC Act. This appears to be the first time that the FTC has been sanctioned by a court in an FTC case. In another precedent-setting decision, the district court ordered that the FTC pay all fees incurred by a Receiver following the Supreme Court’s ruling in AMG Capital Management v. FTC.

The history of major wins for the Cochell Law Firm are not a fluke. The founder of the firm is outperforming all the national firms when to comes victories against the FTC. Even the Facebook legal team relied on the result that Stephen obtained in FTC v. Credit Bureau Center, as the legal foundation for its win against the FTC. In FTC v. Facebook, the district court dismissed the FTC’s potential trillion dollar allegations against Facebook.

FTC v Credit Bureau Center: Seventh Circuit reverses over three decades of precedent holding that Section 13(b) of the FTC Act does not allow for monetary relief to consumers.

  • Credit Bureau Center case consolidated with AMG Capital Management v. FTC for oral argument.
  • AMG Capital Management wins 9 to 0 against the FTC in US Supreme Court adopting reasoning of the Seventh Circuit in Credit Bureau Center case. 19-508 AMG Capital Management, LLC v. FTC (04/22/2021) (
  • VPL-Medical granted oral argument against the FTC 9th circuit. Watch recording for FTC v. Jason Cardiff, No. 20-55858 (
  • VPL-Medical wins against the FTC in the 9th circuit (Vacated and remanded) (
  • VPL-Medical wins against paying receivers fees post April 21st. Federal Trade Commission v. Jason Cardiff et al Court Docket Sheet (
  • Redwood Scientific wins its Motion for Summary Judgment as to monetary relief against the FTC Federal Trade Commission v. Jason Cardiff et al Court Docket Sheet (

When you ask Mr. Cochell what makes the difference and why he has been so effective and overwhelmingly successful in defending his clients against agency overreach, his answer is: “I measure the agency’s conduct against the actual statute’s language and history to determine if agency officials have overstepped their authority and engaged in misconduct.” Mr. Cochell further stated that: “I believe that if you want a fighting chance against the FTC or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”), you need a lawyer who doesn’t just settle cases but has a track record for going to court, winning and holding the FTC and government agencies accountable.”

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