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Clorox Signs “America Is All In” Statement in Support of Action on Climate Change

On the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, U.S. businesses, government entities and institutions voice support for national mobilization on climate

Published on December 12, 2020

The Clorox Company has signed America Is All In – a statement supported by more than 1,000 businesses, government entities, universities, and other institutions to express support for ambitious commitments to tackle the climate crisis.

Signatories to America Is All In support driving economic growth through job-creating sustainable investments. A key principle of the collaborative statement is approaching climate and economic recovery in a manner that addresses systemic inequalities and ensures everyone benefits from a transition to climate resiliency.

“Clorox’s corporate purpose is to champion people to be well and thrive, every single day. And this includes contributing to a healthy planet,” said Clorox CEO Linda Rendle. “Consistent with our commitment to science-based climate action, we’re lending our voice to call for a coordinated, national response to climate change and recognize that all sectors must act together to help our planet thrive now and in the future.”

Clorox has made addressing climate change a key priority in its IGNITE Strategy. The company has committed to 100% renewable electricity in the U.S. and Canada by next year and to setting science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its operations and across its value chain.

These commitments build upon a long-standing focus on climate stewardship that resulted in cumulatively reducing emissions by 56% per case of product sold and 46% on an absolute basis between 2008 and 2019. Clorox is proud of its progress and commitment to climate stewardship but recognizes that any single organization’s efforts are not sufficient to meet the scale of the challenge. America Is All In conveys the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration and leadership in addressing climate change.

America Is All In will be shared with U.S. federal government officials and Congress members, United Nations officials, and global heads of state. View the statement and signatories at

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