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Cities Don’t Need to Turn to a Ban on Vacation Rentals When There’s a Solution for Noise

Bennington Properties and NoiseAware partner to build sustainable tourism

Published on May 02, 2019

Bennington Properties and NoiseAware have partnered to bring noise monitoring and detection technology to Sunriver, Oregon. Both companies share the same value for establishing the responsible way of renting a property. Bennington Properties is a professional vacation rental management company and family business. As a family run company the Bennington’s are passionate about causes that further the lives of children, families and their community.

Bennington Family on one of their properties

NoiseAware helps provide every Bennington property with indoor and outdoor smart home sensors that can monitor and detect, in a privacy-safe way, when noise levels are at a level that could be disturbing to neighboring guests or residents. The new product enables property managers like Bennington Properties to help protect their neighbors, guests, and community from noise issues.

Together the two hope that this solution can continue to further the discussion around fair regulation in cities across the US and serve as a model for sustainable tourism and responsible renting in Sunriver. By joining forces, this is the best solution for short-term vacationers to still be able to enjoy a community while not being a disturbance to permanent residents.

“At Bennington Properties, taking care of our guests, homeowners, and neighbors is non-negotiable for us. NoiseAware is a responsible smart home tech that will benefit everyone who calls Sunriver their refuge,” says Bennington Properties CEO Robert Bennington.

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