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Chris Chung on Top Five Reasons Why Business Fail in Social Media Marketing

Published on May 24, 2021

Almost every business has attempted to establish its position within the social media space in this digital world. Everyone is fighting to have a brand name that is vividly present across almost all social media platforms. The rush is to leverage the massive and varied social media users distributed across the different platforms. Although there is a massive opportunity here for brands it’s not easy to do at scale Facebook Ad Strategist Chris Chung elaborates.

Chris Chung is American born in Los Angeles, California, currently based in Hong Kong. He is the CEO of Locate 852, a company he established in 2016 to help high-growth companies and entrepreneurs to scale using Facebook advertising. Chris Chung has built and launched his brand to become a prominent social media marketer. You can reach out to him on Instagram at Chrisichung.

Chris Chung has witnessed so many businesses succeed and reap big from social media marketing while others failed terribly. Although the causes of the failures vary from one case to another, Chris Chung identifies the most common factors as follows:

1. Focusing on nice images instead of providing value
Some businesses jump onto social media platforms and start promoting their products with nice imagery, but aren’t profiting much real value. While good looking ads are an important part of winning on the marketing platform if the audience doesn’t see value in what you’re selling you are wasting a ton of time and money.

2. Not testing frequently and adapting
Many businesses come to Facebook and Instagram with plan on how it should work. They are quickly met results are likely much different they expected. It’s not uncommon for the first few campaigns to have unimpressive results. The businesses that win on the Facebook ads platform are those that are constantly testing new images, ad copy, and strategies until they find what works. They adapt quickly to what is really working instead of sticking with a plan that isn’t giving them the results they need to scale profitably.

3. Inconsistency with their posts
Perhaps this is a common mistake that every business can admit to committing. There is no way you will achieve your objectives in social media marketing if you are inconsistent. Chris Chung is a true example of how essential consistency is to social media marketing. Every business is striving to claim a spot on customer feeds. Unless you develop a consistent posting schedule, your content might end up not being visible to your target group.

4. Not amplifying great content
Many businesses love to get free traffic from organic posts. What they forget is that works organically works even better with paid ads. These brands should be amplifying great content and their results by putting some ad dollars behind content that has already proven to be engaging for their target audience.

5. Wrong platform
Though all social media platforms offer similar services, they are varied when it comes to marketing. Some businesses fail simply because of using the wrong forum. It’s good to identify the platform that resonates well with your brand for effective results.

Avoid these mistakes and your business will be well on its way to winning on social media. Chris Chung works with high growth brands and entrepreneurs that are looking to scale growth quickly using ads on both Facebook and Instagram. His expertise helps brands drive sales by going far beyond what brands can do with just the basics.

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