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CEO Jake Geruson: A Pioneer in Digital Marketing

Published on April 29, 2021

The shift in working routines and dynamics has encouraged many and more Americans to be their own bosses.

The constant pressure to show up at work even when people are ill, just to make the bare minimum, has encouraged people to follow their passions and lead their way in the workforce.

Among them, Jake Geruson, is another rising entrepreneur who has not just led his way up in the market but also he makes sure to support other growing businesses with his knowledge and experience.

The total entrepreneurial activity survey conducted by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor suggests that over 25 million people decided to pursue their dreams by becoming their boss, instead of conforming to the corporate world, as the former brings better opportunities for them.

And I must say, social media has changed the world for a lot of people who always wanted to boss up and pursue their own dreams.

Who knew projecting creativity on social platforms could be a source of earnings for millions of people? Probably, no one!

But thanks to the growing advancement in technology that helped people present themselves on a global platform and earn through it, it’s possible!

Our attention was drawn to Jake Geruson when we saw him excelling in his social media career while being a teenager.

Yes, you heard it right!

Jake is a young entrepreneur on social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. He gained popularity by working thoroughly on his content, audience, and strategies.

Everything was conventional before he decided to explore social media and the opportunities it brings to the people. Jake belongs to a normal family and both of his parents work in reputable professions. Jake took inspiration from his parents and decided to invest all his efforts into his passion and the rest is history.

In 2019, Jake made his official appearance on TikTok and in real-time he gained popularity among hundreds of thousands of people who appreciated his content and enjoyed his presence.

He identified the overwhelming potential of social media and therefore expanded his network onto other social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

While Jake Geruson was on the bandwagon to be the next biggest influencer, he decided to cater to other businesses and individuals as well who are struggling to make their presence on social media grow.

Let’s face it: on a platform where billions of people are active every day, making your presence known is quite a struggle. However, with mindful strategies, engaging content, and analytics you can win your market.

Jake Geruson always wanted to give back to the community; hence, he established “Geruson Media.” Geruson Media is a private digital marketing firm that collaborates with scaleable brands for their digital marketing.

Most companies express their struggle with digital marketing and how even after spending large sums, they barely get noticed. Jake Geruson knew the sorcery of it and he, therefore, left no stone unturned to help his clients.

Jake accepts that not everyone can truly use the potential of social media and therefore he stepped into the business and paved the way for other brands and individuals.

When people were escaping the reality of social media, Jake held onto it and decided to change his fate.

If we look at his unique selling point, then it has to be his unique and engaging content. Jake works tirelessly on his content and therefore, engagement by his followers is high.

His respect for his audience is commendable. He doesn’t treat them as a commodity; instead, his audience is the valuable asset that made him reach the pinnacle.

Now that you know about Jake, let’s talk about his company: Geruson Media. Geruson Media is a digital marketing agency that can serve customers virtually anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter what your market and your audience is, Geruson Media can help you aim for the stars.

Geruson Media helps the client explore their audience and make their social media presence worthy. It caters to the needs of clients by giving them tailored strategies that suit their audience.

Most of the time, brands fail to engage an audience because of their monotonous content. Today’s audience is aware of quality content and you can only engage them if you are working on producing quality content.

With Geruson Media, most of the clients have found their niche and the right audience, even though the world of social media can be overwhelming sometimes. Every day, new trends are keeping people engaged, and therefore with a team of professionals you won’t just be updated but you will also gain an edge over your competitors.

Geruson Media believes in communication and collaboration; therefore, with them you will never feel left out. Instead, your ideas, opinions, and suggestions will be prioritized accordingly.

Jake offered these insights during a conversation. Jake not only helped us understand social media dynamics better, but he also encouraged us to let people know the importance of hard work and consistency.

He advised readers to never give up on their dreams and always pursue their hearts. He says to have faith and do the hard work and the world will see it!

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