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Celebrities Have Fallen in Love With This Korean Traditional Clothing – Here’s Why

Since many stars have stepped out wearing traditional hanbok, fans around the world are clamoring to find out more about this traditional style of Korean fashion. Now, anyone can get their own traditional hanbok outfit with The Korean in Me

Published on May 26, 2020

When it comes to choosing an outfit that is elegant, comfortable, and unrestrictive, most end up having to compromise. However, as many people fall in love with Korean fashion, they are discovering that they can have it all with a style of Korean traditional clothing known as hanbok.

Unusually in an era of high street ‘fast fashion,’ the hanbok outfit is an artisan-made traditional Korean outfit for men, women, and children described as a ‘beautiful cultural treasure on the body.’ Traditional and modern hanbok alike use natural dyes, adding a rich depth of color not found in high street clothing. The material is cut in such a way that the wearer appears to be gracefully floating on air.

“Hanbok’s origins as Korean traditional clothing start in the ancient Korean kingdom of Goguryeo (37 BCE – 668 CE). This ceremonial style of dress was traditionally made for comfort and ease of movement while showing the wearers’ status in society,” said Eric Lee, Owner at The Korean in Me.

“For example, our designs feature embroidered dragon and phoenix patterns originally reserved for royalty. And the peonies embroidered on our wedding collection represent honor and wealth. It’s all very meaningful.”

Like much traditional dress around the world, Koreans today typically wear hanbok only for special occasions and official functions. Due to its special status in Korea, both modern and traditional hanbok clothing, such as that available at The Korean in Me, is made with premium materials by artisan craftsmen who follow centuries-old designing traditions.

Whether seeking a Dol Hanbok for a child on their first birthday, a hollyebok (wedding hanbok) for nuptials, or simply seeking an elegant, traditional outfit that emphasizes grace and dignity, people in the West can now purchase a hand-crafted haute couture hanbok the easy way.

“The Korean in Me offers worldwide shipping, exceptional customer service in English, combined with expert knowledge of traditional and modern hanbok,” added Lee. “We want to make our clients’ dream hanbok a reality, without them having to learn Korean, go to Korea, or even be a Korean!”

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