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Caterina Valente Celebrates Her 90th Birthday

On the 14th of January 2021, Caterina Valente, internationally renowned singer, guitarist and dancer, celebrates her 90th birthday

Published on January 04, 2021

Having retired from showbiz nearly 20 years ago, she often claimed that birthdays are like any other days; therefore, she declined interviews, TV- appearances, and such a disciplined dedication she gave to her career for this occasion more than 60 years.

And what a career it was! More than 1350 recordings were released in 11 languages, Top Ten Hits in USA, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and Great Britain. Best Female Vocalist Grammy Nomination, Grand Prix du Disque in France, Premio della Critica discografica in Italy, National Crosses of Merit in Germany and France, Concert Tours in all continents, and most importantly, starring as a host or guest in over 1000 TV Variety shows all over the globe.

Caterina Valente. December 2020. © ERAKI Entertainment

But such remarkable international careers are obviously always accompanied by rumors, half-truths, and ignorance of facts.

With the digital age and information outlets like Wikipedia in all its different languages, Record Company websites, Audio Streaming sites, Fake accounts on social media, and more, these fabrications now run around like wildfires all over the world.

Caterina and her team decided to release a short but definite career resumé on her revamped official website, which will clarify many questions of who, why, where, and when and includes some goodies that might surprise even the most hardcore of fans. Further, the Trivia page is putting the records straight on some falsehoods that crept up throughout the years and will always be updated when needed. The same goes for the Photo, review, and other pages.

So, we invite you to check out this extraordinary Entertainer’s career, and in the hope you enjoy it, we wish you a grand 2021.

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