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Female avatar wearing the Cropped Snow Mantra for Angel Chen in Plum Blossom. © Canada Goose

Canada Goose Launches Exclusive Spring Capsule Collection With First Guest Designer: Angel Chen

Angel Chen reimagines iconic Canada Goose styles into a thirteen-piece collection for both women and men

Published on January 15, 2021

Canada Goose launched its first-ever capsule collection, created in partnership with guest designer Angel Chen. With her experimental approach to design and color, coupled with a fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, Angel Chen is one of fashion’s brightest young talents. She brings Eastern elements and traditional techniques to life through her design language, creating a contemporary collection without boundaries between countries, age, and gender. This capsule collection combines the traditional with the modern, highlighting functional expertise and unique style. With digital-first innovation at the forefront, Canada Goose and Angel Chen bring this campaign to life through augmented reality (AR) and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

Left to right: Convertible Snow Mantra for Angel Chen, Cropped Snow Mantra for Angel Chen

“Over the years, we have worked with some of the world’s best. This season, we introduce a new type of partnership with Angel Chen, our first ever guest designer,” said Woody Blackford, EVP Product at Canada Goose. “In our approach, we look for unique and creative perspectives, drawing inspiration from distinct aesthetics that challenge us. Our brief is to reinterpret and reimagine our core design DNA through their eyes. Angel has done just that, putting her signature spin on our most iconic products.”

Initially revealed during Shanghai Fashion Week in October 2020, the exclusive thirteen-piece collection for women and men follows the transformational journey of the garments from winter in Canada to spring in China, showcasing the evolution of Canada Goose’s most iconic parka: the Snow Mantra. Putting her signature twist on the brand’s most comprehensive offering in outerwear, Angel Chen creates two distinctive pieces within the collection: the Women’s Cropped Snow Mantra Parka for Angel Chen (CAD 1,595), which can be worn upside down for a discerning look and the Men’s Convertible Snow Mantra for Angel Chen (CAD 1,795), which can be worn four ways by experimenting with the removable lower half, sleeves and hood. This collection leverages Canada Goose fabrics and technologies developed for the harshest weather conditions and proven in the field for decades by scientists, arctic workers, and explorers. Angel Chen interprets the brand through her unique perspective, not only through modern silhouettes but also with vibrant colors. Unique colorways, including a bold new red and two new shades of pink, are included to honor Angel’s culture and heritage further.

“Canada Goose is iconic, the reference for outerwear in the world, and it was so exciting to work with their heritage pieces, reinterpreting them through a new lens for this collection,” said designer Angel Chen. “Visiting the brand’s headquarters and touring their archival collections was so inspiring! This collection represents the transition from winter in Canada to spring in China. It is a dream watching it come to life through my eyes on the runway to seeing it uniquely styled in the city.”

Male and female avatars wearing the Convertible Snow Mantra for Angel Chen in Fortune Red and Northstar White. © Canada Goose

This collection further extends into Lightweight Down, Windwear, Rainwear, Knitwear, and Accessories categories. The women’s collection features the Chaka Vest (CAD 795), the Mordaga Rain Jacket (CAD 1,295), the HyBridge Knit Jacket (CAD 895), the Logo Sweater (CAD 595), and the Serdang Down Jacket (CAD 895). It also includes the versatile Crossbody Bag (CAD 595), which easily converts to a backpack, and the Mini Crossbody Bag (CAD 350). The men’s pieces feature the Arxan Bomber Jacket (CAD 995), the Mogan Rain Jacket (CAD 1,495), the HyBridge Knit Hoody (CAD 950), and the Logo Sweater (CAD 695). The garments are designed to be layered, mixed, matched, and transformed for a truly distinctive style and provide custom warmth and protection no matter the conditions.

The Angel Chen for Canada Goose in-store visual display includes design elements that bring HUMANATURE to life; Canada Goose’s purpose platform unites its sustainability and values-based initiatives. The majority of materials used in these displays are recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable. The brand is also incorporating augmented reality (AR) experience to its store windows globally. Starting at the end of January, guests can unlock natural elements, such as blooming flowers, by pointing their camera at a QR code on the window. This AR experience will also unveil product features and buying options through hotspots available on the screen.

The Angel Chen for Canada Goose Spring 2021 collection is available starting January 15, 2021, at select Canada Goose retail stores and select wholesale partners,, TMall, and WeChat.

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