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Butter Pecan, an Elite Copywriting & Brand Strategy Agency, Announces They Worked With Over 110+ Brands in 2021

The premier brand strategy and copywriting agency serves ambitious brands from all over the world to help them stand out and craft remarkable messaging across every customer touchpoint

Published on August 04, 2022

Butter Pecan, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based brand strategy and copywriting agency has announced they worked with over 110+ brands, products and services across the 2021 calendar year. In doing so, they were successfully able to deploy their framework for creating an irresistible brand story and messaging that moves the needle for entrepreneurs using their 12+ years of experience across countless verticals.

From venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies, and even brand-new businesses and products launched by solopreneurs or those transitioning away from Corporate America, Butter Pecan noticed a common trend amongst their clients in 2021 —with founder Tommy Baker noting:

“Brands are recognizing the old ways of marketing are no longer working. This means that instead of launching a scrappy version of their brand, product or service, they must take the time to do the upfront work of getting hyper-clear on why they exist, and how their messaging strategy can speak to consumers’ day-to-day problems. We’re thrilled to have helped 110+ brands create a competitive advantage in their messaging that instantly separates them from others.”- Tommy Baker, Founder, Butter Pecan

One of the common issues that Butter Pecan solves for founders, visionaries and entrepreneurs is a surprising one: founders can be “too close” to their business to garner a clear understanding of their unique positioning, benefits and compelling story. This can lead to common mistakes that include complicated messaging, and failing to address the specific problems, issues and desires of their target audience.

As Tommy Baker and his team note, it’s never been easier to start a business. However, with access to speed and unlimited distribution at a fraction of the price, they feel it can be easy to rush the process and forget to do the due diligence ahead of time to get hyper-clear on their positioning. In fact, Butter Pecan always starts by asking three questions to business owners after they ask for a Fast Quote:

  1. Why do you exist?
  2. What problem are you solving?
  3. What makes you uniquely different?

While these may seem simple, Baker and his team note that few founders actually answer them in a concise, clear and compelling manner. During their Kickoff Call with new clients, they go through a proprietary process designed to extract these details in a way that often leads to renewed clarity for the founder, business owner or CEO.

As for what’s next in 2022, Butter Pecan is committed to attracting and hiring more talent, opening up office space in Scottsdale and working on a book to distill the principles of their process. In addition, a Butter Pecan podcast is in the works to help everyday people discover practical tools to improve their messaging —even if they don’t currently have a business. As for taking on more clients, Baker shares how they’re wanting to create a deeper impact by working with less brands this year, saying:

“Working with over a hundred brands is thrilling. Especially because we touched every industry, including SaaS, FinTech, consumer products, thought leaders, event planning, B2B and even beauty products and premium dog food. This year, we’re more interested in developing long-term partnerships and working deeper with less brands across their messaging.” – Tommy Baker, Founder, Butter Pecan

One of the long-term approaches Butter Pecan offers is what they call their Triple Scoop VIP Unlimited where any company gets access to unlimited copywriting and content, delivered in 72 hours or less. For high-volume businesses, investing in the retainer is a no-brainer and the ROI can, and has been, exponential.

To celebrate working with over 100+ clients in 2021, Butter Pecan is offering brands and businesses a free headline for a limited time. To claim this special, simply click here and submit a screenshot or text of the headline you want improved, and the Butter Pecan team will send a new one in 48 hours or less, 100% free.


Butter Pecan Copywriting is a premier brand strategy and copywriting agency founded by Tommy Baker that helps craft remarkable messaging for ambitious brands with clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups looking for an edge.

Their work has been featured at 37,000 feet and includes over $29 Million in additional revenue for high-performing organizations who want to speak to the hearts of their dream clients like no one else can. Butter Pecan’s innovative approach isn’t for all —but for the disruptors, misfits, and rebels —nothing else compares.

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