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Building During COVID-19 Helped This New Senior-Living Community Prioritize Safety

The Blake at Hamlin set to launch with COVID-19 measures already in place

Published on July 14, 2021

After months of planning, it was finally time to begin construction on The Blake at Hamlin, a senior-living community located in the Horizon West area of Florida.

But before the roof was on the new development, America was in the grip of the COVID-19 crisis.

“Since we serve an elderly population, COVID-19 presented an especially difficult challenge,” explains Scott Hames, Chief Operating Officer of Blake Management Group. “However, building during the pandemic allowed us to pivot and prepare to better support the safety of seniors.”

As The Blake at Hamlin nears its grand opening, the community has already established protections that go beyond standard risk-mitigation practices, such as temperature taking and COVID-19 testing.

One of those safeguards is the Plasma Air purification system, a device that continuously scrubs all circulating air without the use of chemicals. Discreetly attaching to air ducts, these devices operate 24/7 and provide an unobtrusive way to prevent COVID-19 from being recirculated throughout a building.

The Blake at Hamlin will also increase the frequency of cleaning common areas using products proven to eliminate 99% of pathogens, including COVID-19.

With these precautions in place, Hames believes The Blake at Hamlin will provide increased protection at a time when retirees are transitioning back to normal life.

“Instead of retrofitting safety measures, we are incorporating risk mitigation from day one,” Hames states. “Our community is well equipped to serve seniors during the COVID-19 era and beyond.”

The Blake at Hamlin plans a grand opening in the fall of 2021.

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