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Bryan Legend – The Man, The Myth, The Legend of Entrepreneurship

Published on December 10, 2020

Bryan Legend certainly has a name that rings true with a pure results driven approach to business that leads to words like smart, witty, focused and successful being used to describe this Australian entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.

Like all like-minded business people Bryan shares a performance based mindset and a positive attitude that flourishes when challenged in the face of adversity that is nothing short of masterful executional leadership at its finest. Through determination alone has seen Bryan build numerous businesses from ground up and consistently produce powerful brand based outcome.

So, what makes Bryan Legend so successful, and how was he able to turn dropping out of high school at an early age to making millions seemingly effortlessly?

Bryan attributes much of his business success to his core belief in branding, the way people perceive your company is a direct reflection to how they will engage with you.

“Always put emphasis on your brand image by building a trusted name in your industry and making sure your customers come first.”, says Bryan.

Being involved in the blockchain arena for 8 years and bringing a great deal of knowledge with him, Bryan Legend certainly is an influential person within the Cryptocurrency space. The crypto industry as a whole has come leaps and bounds over the past few years and he doesn’t want to miss out on his slice of the pie.

Bryan went on to say, “Crypto itself isn’t going anywhere but most Crypto’s are. What I mean by that is the future of Cryptography and Blockchain is here to stay but 99% of the Crypto projects that exist today won’t be around in the near future because they are simply not geared the right way in a decentralized manner.”

DeFi is the term used to describe Decentralized Finance and Bryan believes that it is the way all finance institutions and finacial products should be designed to appropriately ‘suit up’ for the rapid change the digital age is bringing upon us.

“Offering more Decentralized services whereby giving the empowerment to users and the public is where my total focus is now toward.”, said Bryan.

Bryan Legend is now pursuing what he believes to be the next needed move to ‘shake things up’ in the financial industry and his newly founded company; CLEVER DEFI PTY LTD is gaining much widespread attention from interested parties scattered from around the globe.

CLEVER DEFI is a revolutionary new DEFI Protocol which works on the blockchain by automatically distributing set interest payments to eligible beneficiaries of CLEVER Token (CLVA). Storing your wealth offers to pay much higher interest rates compared to primitive bank technology which is far outdated.

You can find out more about CLEVER DEFI by clicking here.

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