Brian Hess Shares 3 Strategies That He Used to Build an 8-Figure Company From the Ground Up

Published on November 05, 2021

Entering a new industry with many other cogs in the machine can seem like a daunting task. Without an established brand name, reputation, and client base, a new entrepreneur may find themselves wondering where to start first. Success and recognition obviously don’t happen overnight, but with the right tools and techniques, goals of success can be achieved fairly quickly. When entering the business realm within a new industry, it’s essential to take charge and work towards clearly defined goals. Without a game plan, breaking into a new industry can prove to be difficult.

One man was able to achieve his entrepreneurial goals with the help of commitment, integrity, and relentlessness. Brian Hess, using hard work and determination, has built a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur, writer, podcast host, consultant, and influencer. This multi-talented entrepreneur has built an 8-figure company from the ground up while simultaneously forging enduring relationships with clients that are in the rankings to span decades. By dedicating himself to focusing on the specificities of hard work, Hess was able to create an empire.

Hess has made it clear that his success did not come effortlessly and putting in a solid effort is essential to achieving business goals. “With my extensive understanding of leadership, oration, and our proprietary technology, I was able to expertly navigate through all the processes I created with my team to ensure success and avoid pitfalls. I value the people I work with and recognize that without them, none of this would be possible,” shared Brian Hess about his successes. “Personally, I like to consider myself a natural-born teacher, as well as a natural-born student. How can one possibly teach if they are not open to learning and correcting their mistakes?”

Currently, Hess is the CEO of two lucrative companies, The Pavement Group, and Top Contractor School, in addition to acting as a Board Director for Lead Revenue/FusionZone Automotive. Brian leads and directs a respected team of people with various skills, including expertise in technology, marketing, sales, production, and construction. Hess emphasizes the importance of focusing on bringing financial abundance and success not only to himself but to everyone on his team.

In addition to his business endeavors, Hess hosts ‘The Perspective Podcast’, a podcast show dedicated to discussing entrepreneurship, business, and fatherhood, along with tips and tricks on how to balance home and work life. Hess has been using this platform to teach people about the importance of a positive mindset when entering a new industry, as well as advice around navigating the business world while also trying to spend enough time with family.

As a leader in the industry, Hess makes a point to build a trusting, solid relationship with each client he works with. By offering tailor-made client services, Hess has developed a trademark approach focused on customized technology, personal attention, education, and a mentor/mentee system. He continues to lead the way in the construction industry as a business mastermind and industry expert.

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