Bounce Curl Is Revolutionizing the Hair Care Industry

Published on July 20, 2021

Various hair care products have been on the market for quite some time now, but still, some people opt not to use any. This is because of the belief that using them can cause damage to your scalp and hair and may even lead to baldness. While some products on the market may indeed lead to adverse side effects, not all products are harmful. Take the products from Bounce Curl, for example, one of the leading brands for curly hair.

Bounce Curl is among the minority of the hair care companies in the industry that use natural ingredients. What makes the brand stand out is that without harmful chemicals, its products can still deliver the benefits they promise, and they are safe to use. This is one of the many reasons why those who doubt hair care brands’ reliability and effectiveness trust Bounce Curl.

The brand was founded in November 2015 by a Middle Eastern cosmetic formulator Merian Odesho. She was born with naturally curly hair, and she has observed that the available products for textured hair on the market contain strong chemicals. Therefore, as someone who grew up creating natural hair gels, she made it her mission to transform the industry to offer hazard-free, cruelty-free, and environment-friendly products.

Merian used her knowledge of chemistry and natural ingredients for hair to develop the products for Bounce Curl. Then, to let the world know about the brand, she went to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for publicity. There, she shared all the products and their benefits, and she’s transparent about what ingredients were used so that she can strengthen her customer’s trust in Bounce Curl.

According to the Think Dirty application, a tool used to determine potential hazards, Bounce Curl’s products all receive a 0-3 rating. This means that they are free of allergens, hormone disruptors, and cancer-causing agents or carcinogens. Bounce Curl doesn’t use Paraben, Phthalates, Silicone, Sulfate, Butylene and Propylene Glycol, DEA/MEA, or PEG.

Most of the scents for the products are made from natural essential oils. Some use artificial fragrances, but the chemicals used as ingredients are still rated as safe by Think Dirty. Bounce Curl is also named by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as a cruelty-free brand and its responsible testing practice.

Besides the product itself, Bounce Curl is also pushing for sustainable packaging. The new project is currently still being finalized, but recycled or PCR plastic will be implemented this year. This makes it one of the few hair care brands today that are environmentally-friendly and conscious about reducing plastic waste.

It didn’t take long before Bounce Curl became one of the leaders that is revolutionizing the industry. Its products are currently recognized in over a hundred countries and can be seen in many major stores in the United States. In addition to social media, many now know the brand because of its appearance on national television programs and through other people’s recommendations.

Many hair care brands are now slowly transitioning to using natural ingredients in their products. Although Bounce Curl has already done so, Merian still makes sure to stay on the lookout for natural ingredients that can take the place of chemical preservatives. When better alternatives surface, they can be used to replace the synthetic components in some of the brand’s products.

Newsdesk Editor