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Blue Bite Empowers Pablo Erroz to Go Circular With Digitalized Fashion

Every garment in the Non-Seasonal 2022 collection is made with upcycled or recycled materials

Published on June 04, 2021

Buy less, but better. These words succinctly sum up designer Pablo Erroz’s manifesto, as well as the Blue Bite Circularity solution that digitalizes the garments in his most recent collection.

Both launched at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and 080 Barcelona Fashion.

The latest collection from Pablo Erroz, the eponymous brand of the Spanish designer, is sustainable and circular — pieces were digitalized with embedded NFC tags that launch Blue Bite Circularity Experiences when scanned with a phone.

Every garment in the Non-Seasonal 2022 collection — the designer stopped designing “seasons” three years ago to emphasize the timeless nature of the garments — is made with upcycled or recycled materials.

“We need a real commitment from brands to put sustainability over short-term profit,” said Erroz. “We need increased transparency to speak common language customers understand so we can invite them to make changes together.”

Getting consumers involved is where Blue Bite Circularity comes in. When a consumer scans the NFC tag, they get a digitalized version of the piece — identified by a unique digital ID — that tells its full story, from the manufacturing process to a look into the future of the garment.

“We’re happy to partner with Pablo Erroz to launch Blue Bite Circularity, which allows consumers to explore the origin story of the garment,” said Mikhail Damiani, CEO & Co-Founder of Blue Bite. “The circle continues as consumers authenticate the item, and, later in the product’s lifecycle, get location-based information on how to resell or upcycle the garment to keep it out of a landfill.”

The Pablo Erroz and Blue Bite partnership illustrates the importance of creating products that enter the circular economy to ensure sustainability efforts continue to grow.

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