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A city of Fort Lauderdale crew responds to a water main break. © NBC News

BioNutraTech Steps in to Neutralize the Fort Lauderdale Sewage Crisis

More than 211 million gallons of sewage has spilled into the waterways and streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, killing fish, seeping into houses and prompting the mayor to plead for state and federal assistance

Published on February 24, 2020

Millions of gallons of sewage has spilled into the waterways of a popular spring break destination, Fort Lauderdale, FL, causing hefty fines and fish to die. A science-based company, BioNutraTech, holds the totally green solution for meeting the wastewater treatment crisis in Fort Lauderdale.

“I feel so horrible for all the college students embarking on spring break soon with the condition of the water right now,” says BioNutraTech CEO and president, Sandra Hruza. “I would be sick with worry if my child was heading down to the beach in the upcoming weeks.” Sandra is willing to fly down on her own expense to help neutralize the situation of the sewage spill happening in Fort Lauderdale.

College students all over the country are beginning to head south to warmer weather for spring break. Fort Lauderdale beaches are the ultimate party spot in the next couple of weeks. The string of sewage spills and vintage pipes are causing the bodies of water to become contaminated. The state of sunshine has hit national news over becoming the top state for sewage spill.

“We got the product, we can do this,” said Hruza. “If we put the product into the water now, it would only take days to ensure water clarity and clean up the toxic mess.” The patented formula, BiNutrix®, is safe, non-toxic, reduces harmful germs and pathogens while eliminating obnoxious odors. It’s safe for the environment, including aquatic life, and is gentle on animals and humans.

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