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President Joe Biden in the Oval Office after his inauguration on Wednesday. © Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Biden Order Restoring Federal Workers’ Union Rights

Decision also proposes wage floor raise for those doing fed work to $15 an hour

Published on January 25, 2021

The following is a statement from Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa on the issuance of an executive order by President Biden that rescinds Trump administration directives which curtailed the collective bargaining, due process and workplace representation rights for federal workers, while also putting forward a plan to raise the minimum wage for federal government workers and contractors to $15 an hour.

“The Teamsters are pleased to see President Biden taking quick action to roll back anti-worker initiatives put forward by the former president so that some 2 million federal workers can regain the legal rights granted to them by Congress.

“This executive order means these workers can have confidence as they go about their job that President Biden has their back and will work with labor unions to provide the nation with the efficient and properly functioning government its citizens deserve. Politics will not play a role in career civil service employment; rather, the quality of their work will.

“Additionally, the order calls for the drafting of recommendations to boost the minimum wage for federal workers and contractors to $15 an hour, a necessary step for thousands who earn less than that and struggle to support their families. Hardworking Americans who serve the nation as part of their job should not have to worry about making ends meet.”

Newsroom Editor