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Best Franchise to Own: Special Strong

Franchising an adaptive fitness gym could be your next best move

Published on December 15, 2020

If you are thinking of investing in a business, a gym franchise is the best way to go. There are several low investment franchises such as Special Strong that can help you get started. Unfortunately, when it comes to franchising, most people do not automatically think about gym franchises. The benefits of being a gym franchise owner are unknown to many.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Special Strong—the best franchise to own. Investing in a franchise could be your next best move. Read on and find out!

Why invest in an adaptive fitness industry?

Before anything else, you must know the benefits of investing in the adaptive fitness industry. When it comes to franchising, there are so many industries you can choose from. But why should you invest in an adaptive fitness industry? Here are the following reasons to consider:

  1. Turnkey business models. When you invest in an adaptive fitness gym, such as Special Strong, you are also investing in their turnkey business models. The franchisors have already established strong brand recognition and have ensured the success of it. You don’t need to worry about the business plan, procedures, and policies because it’s already been laid out for you. Even the equipment is ready. In Special Strong, you don’t need to own a brick-and-mortar gym to get started. Its business model is built to withstand recession, continue operating, and yield good results in the long run. Of course, the franchisor will also provide ongoing support to ensure you are on the right track.
  2. Low entry costs. Special Strong is one of the most affordable franchises in the market. Compared to other industries, adaptive fitness franchises have lower overheads and initial investments. It guarantees a solid return on investment. Even though you are dealing with a special population, you don’t need to have specialized knowledge going into the adaptive gym franchise. Your franchisor will give you initial training and ongoing support to understand the business and how it works. If you are already a fitness enthusiast, it will be much easier to catch up in this industry and get started with franchising.
  3. Better work-life balance. If your 9-to-5 job is exhausting you and there is no career growth in sight, then you should consider becoming a gym franchise owner instead. While it requires your presence in the gym most of the time, it is quite manageable, especially if the staff is well-trained and knowledgeable. Becoming a franchise owner of Special Strong means, you get to live the lifestyle that you want, book vacations on your own terms, spend more time with your family, and pick up some hobbies on the way. Most franchise gym owners have the best lifestyles that allow them to do activities that they want.
  4. Great potential in the fitness industry. There is no better time than now to invest in the fitness industry. The industry has been skyrocketing these past few years due to the fact that people realize the importance of getting fit and healthy. Thanks to the advancement of technology, getting fit is not just a passing trend. It is now a lifestyle for many people. Its colossal demand is overwhelming. It’s no longer a surprise to see towns and cities saturated with gyms and fitness clubs. For most people, getting fit means living a healthier, happier life.
  5. Varied target audience. Another benefit of entering the adaptive fitness industry is the varied target audience. The fitness industry is vast and expansive. In your case, when you invest in Special Strong, you will be working with the special population that allows you to make a difference in their lives. When we say a special population, its target audience is not only limited to autistic people. Diabetic folks, people who are recovering from cancer, people who were disabled or injured, and senior citizens are welcome. Special Strong is designed to cater to the special population, no matter the disability. This is just one facet of the industry. There is so much more to explore, and Special Strong is the best franchise to start.

Investing in Special Strong

There are ever so many fitness franchise opportunities, but only Special Strong offers a rare chance to invest in your future and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Special Strong is an adaptive fitness gym that provides expert training for physically and mentally-challenged children, young adults, and adults. It is also one of the fastest-growing adaptive gyms in the industry despite being new.

Low-cost franchise
Starting your dream business is made possible with Special Strong thanks to its lowest cost gym franchise and no requirement for a brick and mortar gym. Once you invest, you can benefit from faster financial growth and higher earning potentials.

High earning potential
The fitness industry may have a thin profit margin in general, but things are different in the adaptive fitness industry. Special Strong offers a healthy profit margin in low franchise fees, making it one of the best franchises in the industry. Companies are now willing to hire autistic people to fill in the employment gap, as long as they are trained. Rest assured that you will never run out of clients as more and more autistic people are looking forward to a better life.

Turnkey business model
Special Strong has developed a breakthrough turnkey business model and propriety technology stack that will help you to set up and increase your success rates. This business model is designed to deliver a stable profit in the long run. It has been proven and tested by the original owners, and now you, as the franchisee, will benefit from its strategical planning and campaigns.

Ongoing training
Special Strong offers unlimited access to its resources, e-books, and references. Franchisees can access the Special Strong University anytime they want. Besides that, there is an expert support system that will guide you into success. Special Strong also offers weekly coaching and online webinars. Unlike other franchisors who give limited assistance, Special Strong is dedicated to supporting franchisees, especially first-time business owners.

Special Strong Franchise Levels

Special Strong extends its rare opportunity to any aspiring entrepreneur. If you wish to franchise this adaptive fitness gym, there are different levels that you can choose from, depending on your financial situation. Special Strong has created a scalable business model in several markets, allowing you to thrive in the long run.

Level 1
Level 1 is ideal for franchisees who do not own a brick and mortar gym. You can still launch Special Strong by offering in-home training to your clients or any participating locations. Since there is no gym required, the overhead costs and fees are much lower and affordable. This scalable business model allows you to enjoy recurring revenue in the long run. The competition is limited, and since there are no real estate purchases required, you can start as soon as possible.

Level 2
Level 2 requires ownership of a brick and mortar adapted gym. This level allows you to cater to all demographics and offer a wider range of services. Besides that, you’ll have access to operate a scalable brick and mortar concept. You can also offer specialized state of the art equipment to your clients and adapted features to cater to all needs of the special population. This family-centric facility is your starting point to a successful enterprise in the long run.

Franchise an adapted gym with a low investment

It’s no longer a secret that franchising can be costly. Aside from the franchising fee, there are other expenses you need to take care of. But here in Special Strong, we want you to succeed. Hence, we offer one of the low-cost franchises in the market. Once you become a Special Strong fitness franchise owner, the team will provide assistance for everything that you need. We make sure that you get the most out of the best franchise opportunities. As mentioned earlier, we provide ongoing expert coaching, weekly gym franchise calls, webinars, and online meetings. The advanced marketing and customizable tools are accessible to all franchisees.

How to Create a Strong Franchise Infrastructure with Special Strong

Whether you have prior entrepreneurial experience or not, building a strong franchise infrastructure with Special Strong is crucial. Here are the following tips to keep in mind once you become an adaptive gym franchise owner:

Communicate regularly and effectively with your franchisor. If you want to maintain a good relationship with your franchisor, you must know how to communicate. Honest and candid feedback is crucial to help your business grow. If your franchisor suggests you do something, do not ignore the facts and act upon them. Most franchisees struggle because they do not know how to communicate with their franchisors. Good thing because here in Special Strong, we initiate the communication with our franchisees. The weekly coaching and webinars are indeed helpful in helping you build a brand. We welcome any strategy that you think might be good for the business. This brand has been around for a year and has gotten used to the industry downturns. Communicating with your franchisor can go a long way, especially if it’s your first time handling a business.

Take your training seriously. The training and programs prepared by Special Strong to their franchisees are proven to be effective. Hence, as a franchise owner, it is your duty to take your training seriously. While the weekly coaching can be overwhelming at times, rest assured that you will learn a lot in handling your business. We provide the tools that you need and help you to hire top-tier adaptive fitness professionals and workers. The market is ever so competitive, and we constantly change our marketing tactics to adapt to innovation. Special Strong provides the necessary tools for you to compete in the industry. Hence, take some of your time to sit down and train every week. There are some skills that you simply cannot learn from books. Franchisors, not just in Special Strong, want to see you succeed by sharing their experiences and giving tips on how to overcome difficulties and challenges in running an adaptive fitness gym.

Focus on your career growth. If you are one of the many people who left their 9-to-5 jobs to become a franchise owner, then you should focus on your career growth. Do not chase after the wages or the earnings. Franchises aren’t meant to give you a luxurious lifestyle. Instead, focus on how you can grow into a more experienced entrepreneur. Create a good company culture that includes career paths, advancements, and opportunities in the future. That way, you can create a strong, loyal team to work with and be able to grow the company. You will have every support you will need from Special Strong, so do not worry much about the earnings and be open for growth.

Create an effective marketing strategy. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that you recognize that the market is dynamic and continues to change. Hence, spending your dollars on the right advertisement can do a lot of wonders. Sit down with your franchisor and evaluate your marketing strategies. Here at Special Strong, we welcome any suggestions from our franchisees to better the brand and grow the business. Nowadays, no one really pays attention to advertisements on television. It just serves as background noise when eating or gathering with family. In fact, people are more than willing to pay for their internet access than cables. Hence, it only makes sense to focus your advertising campaigns on social media and make use of the internet. If you spend your advertising dollars wisely, even if you do not have a high budget allocation, rest assured that you’ll be able to harness effective results.

Focus on maintaining the quality of services. Since Special Strong is all about making a difference in your client’s life, focusing on maintaining the quality of services is crucial. You do*n’t have to be an expert adaptive professional, but you need to know how to hire one. That being said, narrow down your options to certified fitness professionals and those who have gone a continuing education. Make sure that your clients are satisfied and they can overcome their breakthroughs after the training. If you hire someone without credentials in exchange for lower wages, you risk losing your clients and staining the brand image of Special Strong. You can get certified yourself if you want to be hands-on in dealing with the business and ensure the quality of your services.

How Much Can I Earn with Special Strong?

Special Strong offers a low-cost investment and high earning potential. However, there is no definite number to the amount of money you can earn once you franchise the adaptive gym. You are the one to define your bottom line and your return on investment. The more hard-working you are, the bigger you’ll earn. Besides that, there are factors that can affect the amount of money you earn with Special Strong. Here are the following ways to supercharge your gym franchise and get the most out of your investment:

  1. Avoid regular discounting. Discounts should only be done on a special occasion, a grand opening, or during the holiday season. If you keep on discounting, you’ll never see your money grow. The pricing strategy must be properly done and structured. If you discount without clear sales and to a client who may not come back in the future, you’re losing your money down the drain. Besides, Special Strong is known for high quality and expert training services. People are willing to pay for the quality of training they get from the gym.
  2. Increase your price. Often, franchise owners price their services in the same range as the industry. However, that should not be your sole basis. There are other factors to consider. For instance, if you have hired a certified adaptive fitness professional that requires a competitive salary, then it’s only justifiable to increase your prices. Once your clients work with your trainer, they will know that they get the worth for the price they pay for. Most franchise owners are afraid to increase their prices, thinking that they might lose some of their customers, but in reality, increasing prices might lead to an increase in sales. Experiment and test. You, more than anyone else, should know the price of the services you offer.
  3. Stop competing on price. People nowadays know better than to invest at lower prices and cheap services. They buy value, not price. Hence, stop competing on price. You must’ve experienced it before when you are more than willing to spend top-dollar on services that you know can never be compared to others when it comes to quality. Instead, have a deeper understanding of what your clients need and offer the right services. If you can give high-quality and expert adaptive training services, your clients wouldn’t mind paying an extra dollar than be with cheaper training.
  4. Evaluate your costs. If you want to increase your profits with Special Strong, you need to evaluate your costs. Unfortunately, some business owners only take the time to look at their costs for tax purposes. If you want to generate a steady flow of income, you need to take a look at your costs properly. Each cost must be evaluated and reviewed. Is this adding value to your business? How so? If you can reduce the cost, then do it. There will be a lot of opportunities such as volume buying discounts and finding other suppliers to reduce your costs. If you can multiply your earnings while reducing your costs, you are only a step away from achieving the lifestyle of your dreams.
  5. Check your other franchisees. Special Strong family is a bond you’ll never have in other franchises. Hence, it’s only normal to check on them regularly. Give them a call, just to see how they’re doing. Have they secured any long-term contracts? Are they being treated well? How do they boost their customer satisfaction rating? Do not view other Special Strong franchisees as competitors, but rather companions. You can give each other advice and recommendations when it comes to running the business. Keep in touch with them as long as you are running the business.
  6. Train yourself to be a better marketer. Increasing your sales shouldn’t be too hard with an excellent marketing campaign. The good news is, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to be able to create an appealing marketing strategy. Train yourself to be a better marketer. You will learn a lot in the long run, and you can apply it to your business. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Trial and error is always part of running a business. While Special Strong is more than happy to provide marketing tools, knowing how to utilize them to your advantage is something that you’ll have to learn. Don’t just rely on what’s laid in front of you. Explore and connect with your customers. There are lots of ways to train yourself to be a better marketer and tons of free online resources to get started.
  7. Connect with your clients. Beyond generating high profits, it’s also worth connecting with your clients. When running a business, ask yourself, who are your best customers? Clients who you generate most of the profit must be prioritized. You can also ask your best existing customers if they could refer your adaptive gym to their friends and families. Besides that, you should also know the clients you make the least of the money from. What went wrong? How can you satisfy them even further?
  8. Create multiple streams of income. Aside from expert adaptive fitness training, consider adding other streams of income. You could offer products that will support your services and vice versa. Of course, you need to talk to your franchisor about this first and ask for approval. But otherwise, it is a good way to generate more profit with Special Strong.

According to CareerBliss, gym franchise owners can earn up to $60,000 a year. But you can still increase this average salary by maximizing your franchise and making the most out of it. The abovementioned tips will help you to supercharge your income in the long run with Special Strong.

5 Reasons Why Special Strong is the Best Franchise to Start

If venturing into a gym franchise is what’s in your mind, Special Strong is your next best choice. Here are the following reasons why you should choose to franchise Special Strong compared to other gym franchises:

  1. We offer the lowest cost investments in the market. Most people assume that franchising is expensive, which, in a way, it is. But here at Special Strong, we believe that everyone should have a chance to franchise a business and have a better life as a business owner. Hence, we offer the lowest cost investments in the market. With only $37,850, you can claim one territory and launch your own Special Strong adaptive gym.
  2. We offer an inclusive environment. Special Strong offers an inclusive environment when it comes to a special population. Unlike other adaptive gyms that only cater to autistic people, Special Strong trains adaptive fitness professionals who are capable of handling diabetic people, cancer survivors, injured athletes, and recovering people. That way, you can offer a wide range of services and cater to a varying target audience. Special Strong is the only low investment franchise that can cater to such a population.
  3. We offer financing assistance. Not enough money to secure territory? No problem! Special Strong is an approved SBA Express Loan Lender. We will help you with the financing and get approved by the SBA. This extends our rare opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have the capital for a startup.
  4. Special Strong is dedicated to serving the special population. Aside from franchising, we also offer continuing education. If you want to be a certified Special Strong adaptive fitness trainer, you can get your education from us. Our intensive training will help you to have a deeper understanding of the special population you’ll be serving once you become a franchise owner.
  5. We aim to make a difference. The brand runs with values and ethics. Our main goal is to make a difference in our client’s lives. Throughout the years, Special Strong is a witness to several breakthrough and heartwarming stories. We have improved the quality of life for so many disabled people and helped them to gain confidence in themselves again. If making a difference and changing lives sounds good to you, then the Special Strong team is what you’re looking for.

Choosing the right gym franchise

Franchising a gym can be both thrilling and exciting. With so many fitness franchise opportunities, how do you know which one suits you the best? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the right location. If you want to see your business grow, launch it in a location that offers potential growth. Depending on where you live, there are always the best franchise opportunities to choose from. Come up with a list of the pros and cons when you franchise the brand and launch it in your chosen location. You should also consider the amount of time to prepare and get the business running.
  2. Make sure there are no hidden costs. Counting business costs carefully is crucial. Make sure there are no hidden costs. Some gym franchises offer a low-cost investment at the start but will surprise you with hidden charges in the long run.
    List down everything you need to pay for, including the location costs, permits, parking costs, tax, equipment, employees’ salary, insurance, and other essentials. If you plan ahead of time, you will see how much you need to prepare in order to set up your gym.
  3. Evaluate your financial situation. Now that you know the total amount that you need to pay to set up a franchise gym, you need to evaluate your financial situation. Just like other franchises, you won’t be generating an income for a while after you have put up your business. It may take six months to a year before you can see an improvement in your financial growth. During this time, you need to finance the gym to keep it running.
    When creating a business plan, it’s important to know if you can finance the gym you plan to franchise. Some franchises, such as Special Strong, offer financing assistance that will let you start the business with a loan.
  4. Do your research. You might want to take a look first at the local competition. You need to identify your future competitors. You can do a mystery shopper exercise just to see the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Looking at it from a different angle can help you give more ideas. Why do a lot of members sign up for this kind of fitness club? What makes it special? How would you rate the gym experience as a customer?
    These experiences will help you to plan and improve the services that you’re going to offer to your members. It will also create an excellent marketing plan.
  5. Create a customer profile. Lastly, spend some time creating a customer profile. You may want to know your customers and your ideal members. If you have identified your customers, it will be easier for you to market because you know who exactly you are serving and what they need. Since you are targeting a special population, you can come up with an idea on how to create an effective marketing plan that will attract this population.

Final Thoughts

Franchising an adaptive fitness gym could be your next best move. Don’t be afraid to try out a new venture with Special Strong. Instead of starting from scratch and building an independent business, the life of a franchisee is much more appealing if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. This gym franchise can sustain your dream lifestyle in the long run and change the lives of the special population.

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